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Did you know that Trellidor has over 70 franchises around South Africa? And distributors in many other countries in Africa and around the world? The purpose of all these outlets is to make it easy for customers to make their homes and offices safer by calling in a local security expert.

One of the nicest benefits of having Trellidor experts nearby is that your security gates and burglar bars can be designed to suit your home, budget and needs. Take a look at how some of our franchises have customised the Trellidor barrier security ranges for people in their communities:

Burglar guards made-to-fit


Trellidor Burglar Guard comes in several different designs, all of them with vertical bars. This homeowner, however, wanted the bars to be horizontal so that the lines were softened and not so rigid in appearance. The burglar proofing is fitted to windows throughout the home in this manner. Each window was measured by the Trellidor consultant and a burglar bar unit manufactured to best fit the space, ensuring the burglar guards retain their strength.

Cost effective and colour co-ordinated security package


Security barriers are a necessity rather than a luxury in most areas, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly and expensive. If your supplier has a range of options like Trellidor does, you can combine a less expensive (but still very effective) burglar proofing on your windows with a high quality security gate at the front, all visually tied together by powder coating them in the same colour. This home has a Trellidor Retractable security gate protecting the front door and Trellidor Burglar Guard bars on the windows.

Discreet security doors

Front doors have to be secured against an attempted break-in as they are a common point of entry for thieves. But if you have a spectacular front door, you won’t want it blocked by a mass of metal bars. The answer for this homeowner was Trellidor Clear Guard because the security screen is virtually invisible and the double security door was installed inside the house, leaving the front door uncluttered and clearly on view.

Find your nearest Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor and ask them to visit your home or workplace to customise a security plan for you.

Or visit their showroom to see the wide variety of Trellidor security barriers to choose from.

Contributor: The Trellidor Marketing Team

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