Are security estates safer?

City dwellers are increasingly choosing to live in residential security estates and road closures believing they’ve bought into a safer lifestyle. They rely on perimeter security to keep them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately this is a false hope and here’s why.

Supposedly safer security estates are no deterrent to criminals

Drive around any Jo’burg suburb and you’re bound to come across frustrating road closures that block your path or residential estates that take up acres of space. It’s the same across the country.It seems we’re all migrating into these supposedly safer security estate communities to try and avoid the scary scenario of a break-in or hijacking. Many homes are now in very well run road enclosures and have seen a remarkable drop in crime over the years. But sadly, crime has not been totally wiped out. Granted, the incidence of home invasions, robbery and car theft are very much lower in security estates than in suburbs where people come and go as they please.But it has not been completely eradicated. It’s the same with residential estates.We know this because Trellidor franchises around the country send break-in incident reports to head office on a regular basis and there is always a percentage that involves these safer security estates. Plus, there is anecdotal evidence that these homes are not completely secure. There are many anecdotal reports of highjackings and break-ins in these areas, such as the woman who was accosted by a man that held a gun to her head when she opened her front door. She lives in a secure estate in a Durban suburb.

Perimeter protection in safer security estates is not enough


The lesson to be learned here is that we still have to take responsibility for our own safety. We can’t just rely on the fence or wall around the community or the guarded entrance to keep criminals out.An added layer of protection is required in our homes, including  security gates on doors and burglar bars on windows. Fortunately we can still have that open-style living that makes security estates and road enclosures so attractive if we choose the right products.Trellidor Clear Guard, for example, is totally unobtrusive and virtually see-through once fitted to doors and windows. Trellidor  roller shutters can lock down your home at night and open it right up in the morning.Sliding trellis-style security gates and burglar bars can also be opened up when you need some uncluttered space. But make sure you lock up again it’s just not worth being complacent or taking a chance!



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