All You Need to Know About Our International Attack Testing – A Trellidor Standard

Before any security barrier manufacturer can make claims about the strength of their products, they should have verifiable evidence. Without proof of attack tests on security gates, these claims are just marketing speak. In South Africa, Trellidor sets the standard by using an international testing company to validate the ability of high-end security barriers to resist attack.

Trellidor regularly sends selected product designs to BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) for attack testing and certification. BRE is based in London and is an independent, third-party certification body.

Here, Trellidor security gates are systematically attacked by experts trained to break through barriers using a variety of tools. They try to break the Trellidor gate, including the lock, working against the clock.

There are very few sliding security gates in the world that survive these attack tests long enough to be awarded a Certificate of Product Approval by BRE. Trellidor has three products that have received this approval and have another currently undergoing testing.

To our knowledge, no other security barrier manufacturing company in South Africa has submitted their security gates to an international third-party assessment body like this one for attack testing. And there is no industry-recognised testing body within South Africa that does this type of independent analysis.

How to break a Trellidor gate

The people that do the attack testing at BRE Global LPCB definitely know how to do their job. They simulate a criminal attack using different tools and methods and try breaking a Trellidor barrier.

The standard they set is high and an effective physical security barrier is classed as one that deters or delays an attacker. The length of time this takes dictates the level of certification the product is awarded.

The Trellidor gates that have achieved certification after international attack testing are:

  • Trellidor Plus-T900 security grille.
  • Trellidor Trojan II-T1000 security grille.
  • Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 security grille, which was rated the highest level achieved by sliding security grilles anywhere in the world.

What international attack testing means for Trellidor customers

The internationally certified Trellidor security gates are designed more for the commercial market, not households. Although the gates often look similar to the ones that are fitted into homes, very few people need anything as strong as these.

But there is a spin-off from international attack testing for Trellidor household customers. The lessons learned through engineering the gates to get them ready for tests are applied to the entire Trellidor range.

This means that all Trellidor products are rigorously tested by engineers through the research and design process. It also means that people can be reassured that Trellidor quality management processes are in place, resulting in high quality products right across the strength spectrum.

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Two FAQ’s on attacking a Trellidor gate that come up repeatedly are ‘how to remove a trellidor lock’ and ‘can a trellidor be broken into.’

On the first question, the advice is to never try to remove a Trellidor gate lock. It requires specialised tools that cannot be bought from a hardware store. Rather call in your local Trellidor outlet and get the experts to change the lock for you.

If you try to remove the lock yourself, you will void your warranty. You may also damage the gate so that a new lock will be difficult to insert.

On the second question, as a conscientious consumer please remember that given enough time and the right tools, all security barriers can be breached no matter how well they’re constructed. As a responsible manufacturer, however, we endeavour to design, engineer, test and install all our products to give our customers the best possible security barriers the technology at the time allows.

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