Affordable Recommended Security Cameras for Your Home

Home security cameras are probably one of the best security measures invented. You are able to deter criminals by just installing one and they are able to give you the ability to check your home’s activities even when you are not around. There are plenty of options you can choose from nowadays that are affordable.

In the past, the idea of installing home security cameras seemed to be a drastic and expensive measure. With the advancement made in the last few years, home security has become more accessible and affordable and home security cameras are now a norm.

Where to place home security cameras

Though security cameras are able to give you the ability to keep an eye on your home’s activities, the positioning also plays a huge role in its effectiveness. If your home security camera is placed in the wrong spot, it decreases the level of protection that you receive. The following areas are the best when installing security cameras.

  1. Front Door

    The front door is the most common entryway used for burglaries. It is also important that you place camera where it is not easy to break it as well. You can do this by installing it at a second floor level, but if you don’t have that then you can encase it with work wiring to help shield it.
  1. Back Door

    The second most common entryway of your home is the back door and side doors included. It is advised to install a home security camera to every door and ensure that you take measures to make certain that it isn’t easy to reach and it is safe from obstructions.
  1. Near off-street windows

    Windows that aren’t facing a busy street or road are where burglars will try to gain access into your home.  For this reason, this is where you should place home security cameras to prevent burglaries.
  1. Garage

    Garages are also common access routes and they tend to contain valuable items and equipment that will need to be protected from theft. Cameras installed around the garage should face the garage area or driveway.  Ensure that the area receives enough light.

Cheap home security cameras

Installing a home security camera doesn’t have to be expensive. Due to the advancements made in technology, you can get an affordable camera without compromising on video quality and recording capability. Here are some of the cheapest home security cameras that you can get for your home.

  1. Sonoff Wireless IP Security Camera

    This Wi-Fi camera has 1080p full HD resolution and 360° wide monitoring angles that enable you to keep your home safe during the day and at night.  It has enhancing infrared night vision and accurate motion detection as well as real-time instant motion alert which will notify you when someone has been detected. It also includes two-way audio which allows you to communicate through your security camera.

    You are able to have app remote access which ensures that you stay informed about your home’s activities on your smartphone even if you are not home.  This camera is compatible with NVR devices and allows you to insert a TF card for video storage as it has built-in storage.
  1. Andowl Q-54 Wi-Fi IP Smart Camera

    The Andowl camera is waterproof and it doesn’t have to be installed to be fully controlled. It has wireless Wi-Fi, 4k recording camera that can easily connect to your smartphone, computer and tablet through the CareCam application. You are able to connect it to the internet through Wi-Fi as the camera has 2 antennas with 100mbs speed at distances of up to 100 meters.

    The camera has 3MP 3.6mm that records video in  4k resolution at 25fps. It is able to control horizontal rotation 355 degrees and 90 degrees vertically, as well as 1080P HD resolution for high definition images.  The Andowl camera has human body motion sensors that follow the movement detected and rotates quickly. It includes an alarm system and two-way audio for clear communication.  The camera is compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can keep an eye on your house from your smartphone.
  1. TP – Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

    This camera has 360° horizontal and 114° vertical range which gives you a wider field of view. The videos captured are all in 1080p crystal clear view 24/7 to keep track of the activities on your property.  It has infrared night vision ensuring clear vision in the dark up to 9 meters away.

     The camera has motion detection and when it detects movements, you will receive notifications on your phone and you can trigger the lights and sound the alarm which will scare away burglars.   There is two-way audio so you can see, listen and talk to the people in the camera view. 
  1. Ezviz C3W Husky Air 1080P HD

    The Ezviz camera is a full HD wall-mounted outdoor camera that contains light and alarm for deterrence. When the camera detects movement it will sound a loud siren that reaches up to 100dB. You are able to keep track of your home remotely and it has two-way talk as it has a built-in microphone and Hi-Fi quality speaker for better audio quality for two-way conversations.

    The camera has 30meter night vision through efficient infrared lighting and also captures night images. This outdoor camera is suitable for all weather types ensuring that you are always covered regardless of the weather.
  1. Xiaomi Smart Home Security Camera 300 1080P

    The Xiaomi rotates 360° and tilts up and down by 45 degrees.  It has horizontal camera angle of 92.7° and a 48.7° vertical viewing angle.  The camera can be placed on a flat surface or you can mount it to the wall with the use of a wall fixture.   You can watch real-time video feed from your smartphone and it contains a built-in mic which allows you to listen to the audio that the camera picks up. With the use of a micro SD you can record and store up to two days worth of footage.

    The camera has motion detection and will send your phone notifications when it picks up movement. It will detect motion up to 9 meters away at night and it also contains a call feature on the Mi Home App which enables it to serve as an intercom. You are able to dial into the camera and it will broadcast your voice through the built-in speaker.

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