A Lock Is A Lock. Or Is It?

It’s not just a lock when it comes to security gates

Locks are not something we give much thought.  We automatically lock and unlock our doors and security gates if we’re the diligent type, or don’t bother much if we’re not.  But locks are a critical part of our security chain at home.  You only have to accidently lock yourself outside your house once to realise their importance.

It happens so easily with a slam lock, which locks instantly as you bang it shut.  You’re now stranded outside, no key to open the gate and no cell phone to call anyone.  What on earth do you do next? Trellidor does supply slam locks with certain security gate models and if specifically requested by the customer, but prefer to fit their dead lock system.  Both locks are patented by Trellidor.

Slam lock vs dead lock

The scenario where you have to run inside and slam your gate in the face of an attacker is extremely rare.  Crime studies show the more likely situation is that we either leave our gates open, allowing home invaders to walk in and catch us unawares, or they attempt to break open the gates lock when you’re sleeping.

The first situation is easy to remedy: make sure you keep your security gate closed and locked at all times.  If you need to let the dogs out, close the gate behind them.  If you want some fresh air, open the door but keep the gate locked.  If you’re waiting for a family member to get home from work, again, keep the door open but lock the gate.

Dead lock defence

The outcome of the second situation will depend on the type of lock that comes with your security gate.  Our standard lock for most of our gate models is a three-point dead lock system.   Our R & D tests have proved the dead-lock to be the best defence against a concerted attack.

Without getting too technical, this is a draw-bolt lock with three locking points inside the lock stile.  The draw-bolt locks into place over specially designed lock pin bolts, so the more the lock is attacked, the tighter the draw bolt locks get, and the stronger it resists an assault, which is exactly what you want when an uninvited visitor is hammering away at your security gate.

 Keys to safety

Keys are also vitally important.  The biggest mistake is leaving them in the gate.  If home invaders get in through a window, they can easily let themselves out again by opening your gate.  It’s also essential to keep spares where robbers won’t find them, and to limit who has access to your keys.

Trellidor conveniently supplies you with three keys for each gate.  You can choose whether to have different keys for each security gate in the house, or whether to have them all keyed alike, or select random keys for all gates with one master key.

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