A holistic approach to home security systems

 Ask any expert on home security systems about house robbery and they’ll tell you that most occur because the opportunity was there. Unlocked doors. Vulnerable windows. Keys under the door mat. No security at the back of the house.  So we thought it would be a good idea to share what our Trellidor franchises have learned out there at the coal face and list the things you can do to avoid opportunistic theft.

Open windows and burglar bars are an invitation to robbers.

Home security systems start with you

Before getting into the physical side of home security systems, there has to be an attitude shift in each of us.  Human error or laziness is often what makes our homes easy to break into.  The key here is to develop vigilance within ourselves.

This doesn’t mean getting paranoid about security. It just means paying attention to it. Some examples:

  • Keep door and window barriers closed and locked at all times, especially when doors and windows are left open
  • Be aware of who is lurking around your property or in the street
  • If your dog is yapping, investigate rather than ignore it
  • Don’t leave keys or security codes lying around
  • Keep a panic button within easy reach

Add more layers of home security

Layers of different home security systems give you a better chance of avoiding personal crimes at home.  This is because burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Several layers of security delay them, increasing their chances of discovery.

The layers you need to include:

  • A visible external burglar alarm system so that robbers think twice about the effort of breaking in.
  • Burglar bars on all windows and security gates on all external doors for the same reason.
  • A roller shutter between your garage and the house to block off access.
  • Good lighting in the garden so that there is no place for robbers to hide in the shadows.
  • Good perimeter fencing, front and back.  One career-burglar always broke in through the back of the house because there is usually far less in terms of security layers. Doors and windows are conveniently left open for them!

Added extras for your home security plan

There are other things you can do to make life difficult for opportunistic robbers:

  • Mark portable possessions such as TV’s and cell phones with infra red pens or micro dots so that they’re easy to identify if recovered.
  • Use time controlled plugs on lamps so that your home looks occupied when you’re out or away.
  •  Don’t leave new furniture or appliance packaging lying around or on the verge advertising your new purchases.  Rather get the delivery company to take it away with them or dump it yourself at the municipal dump site.



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