A Decor Dream – 7 Poly Guard Colours to Choose From

Transparent burglar bars are one of those products that can suit any home style. Home renovators get them installed for a variety of reasons, with their main appeal being that they are clear burglar bars that can hardly be seen once fitted. But the fact that they come in a range of colours is also a great attraction, and here’s why.

On trend colours

After years of grey-on-grey colour schemes, people are looking for warmer tones and strong accent colours. Perhaps it is a response to the restrictive lockdowns being experienced the world over, with people looking to lift their mood. Or perhaps its just the way the colour cycle goes round through the decades.

Whatever the reason, stronger colours are ‘in’ and if you choose Trellidor Poly Guard as your burglar proofing, you are in luck. This design has a full, four-sided aluminium frame that can be powder coated in a colour to suit your décor colour scheme.

The reason for this frame is to stabilise and strengthen the Poly Guard inserts. The strengthened framed unit is attached to the substrate around the window, either in the reveal space if it is big enough, or face-on around the window space.

It is a far neater, more robust and dependable installation than merely fixing individual Polycarbonate panels to the window frame.

Here is a run-down of the aluminium frame colour options from Trellidor. They are all matte as opposed to high gloss colours, in tune with market demand.

  1. White

White is the most ordered colour for burglar proofing of any type. It blends into the background and helps to minimise the impact of burglar bars on your view out of the windows. White is fresh, light and harmonises with most colour schemes, making it extremely versatile.

  • Bronze

Bronze is more dramatic than white and is often chosen to blend in with wood window frames. This makes it a good addition to older homes with wooden windows because it the Poly Guard protect these windows without looking too obvious.

  • Sand

Sand is an interesting colour as it mixes well with most colour palettes. It is great for beach houses where white could be seen as too strong in the intense sunlight of summer. It is also a good option for the currently popular pink and green colourways in soft furnishings.

  • Light  Brown

Softer than bronze but stronger than sand, light brown is one of those useful colours that disappear into the background while still adding a touch of warmth to a window treatment. If bronze is too strong for your taste, then this is the colour for you.

  • Aluminium

The aluminium colour option in framed Poly Guard is usually found in homes with aluminium windows. It is an excellent choice for homes designed along functional, industrial architectural lines. Aluminium can provide an updated feel to older homes, helping homeowners to create a pleasing mix of old and new, which is  currently another comforting trend in home improvements.

  • Charcoal

Charcoal Poly Guard frames are fun, rich and add a contemporary edge to classic homes designs. They also work beautifully in compact city homes, such as apartments in complexes, where they add some style, warmth and character. Charcoal is not as harsh as black, so it appeals to a wide range of people no matter what their design preferences.

  • Black

Black frames on Poly Guard are the perfect antidote to grey colour schemes. They provide a starting point for the development of the bold black and white colour palette that is growing in popularity. They are also an easy way of creating interesting accents in a home that has become a bit dated or uninteresting.

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances the Poly Guard frame’s corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating is ideal for coastal and inland conditions and increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish.

The Polycarbonate bars themselves are UV-resistant and not prone to yellowing in sunlight, as are some of the DIY versions.

Why choose clear burglar bars for your home?

There are many reasons to choose clear burglar bars for your home or office, not just because the frame can be colour coated to suit your taste.

Firstly, they are transparent. This means that you hardly see them once they have been installed to your windows. Good quality designs will provide you with protection from a variety of problems, such as:

  • Monkeys cannot get through them if the spacing between the clear bars is the correct size.
  • Baboons are also blocked out.
  • Petty theft is stopped because it is difficult for thieves to get their hands through your windows to steal whatever you may have left lying around.

Many coastal towns and cities as well as eco-estates and game lodges have problems with monkeys trying to get into homes and guest bedrooms to steal food. They can leave an awful mess behind. Poly Guard solve this problem in a humane manner.

Secondly, clear burglar bars like Trellidor Poly Guard are often approved by estates that have strict guidelines as to what you can fit to your home. This is to maintain uniformity within the estate, which is frequently one of its greatest selling points.

The Poly Guard are fitted inside your home, where no-one can see the colour you have chosen for your frames and the bars are barely visible from the outside.

Thirdly, they are a good choice for homes in low crime risk areas.  See-through Poly Guard cannot provide you with the same level of security as steel or aluminium burglar proofing, but if you live in a low crime risk location, well-made and professionally fitted Poly Guard will deter burglars.

Lastly, if you purchase your Poly Guard from Trellidor, they are custom-made to fit your windows. This means that the fit is excellent, with no big gaps that thieves can use to lever them out as with DIY products.

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