7 Security Efforts to Implement Before You Move into Your New Home

The process of purchasing your new home and then moving in can be pretty exciting for both you and your family. There is so much planning that occurs during the moving process that you might forget to prioritize the home’s security. To assist with the security aspect, we have compiled some of the security measures you need to implement to ensure that your new home is as safe as possible.

Purchasing a home is an investment that anyone should be proud of. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures to ensure that your investment is well protected. Burglars tend to make a move to rob the house after you have fully moved in, which is why it is essential to ensure that the home has all the necessary security measures. Below are some of the security efforts that you could implement before you move in.

1. Secure the doors

The first security measure you should take before moving into your new home is checking your doors. Doors are the most common entry points that burglars use. Therefore, you should ensure that your doors will be able to protect you. Assess the condition of all the major doors by looking at the materials used and make certain that they are solid. Check that the locks and hinges are in good condition. Through these observations, you will be able to determine what upgrades you will need to make. Some of the reinforcements that you can make for doors include installing deadbolts or adding a strike plate. You can also upgrade your doors by having smart locks or video doorbells. However, most importantly, you install physcial security barriers such as retractable security gates, roller shutters, clear guard and security shutters. Trellidor has a wide range of strong & attractive options you can choose from. 

2. Lock the windows

After doors, windows are the second most common entry points that burglars use as they are incredibly vulnerable. That is why you must reinforce windows by adding burglar bars or grilles such as fixed security gates, cottage guard, burglar guard and polyguard bars, that prevent burglars from using windows for break-ins. You can also add window security film. The benefit of adding this is that you prevent people from prying into your home, which is necessary for nosy neighbours, but it can avoid burglaries as criminals won’t see the contents in your house.

3. Lighting

Lighting is crucial as it can discourage break-ins as burglars and other criminals do not like being in the spotlight. Therefore, ensure that you have enough outdoor light to eliminate any dark areas that criminals can use to hide. Install the lights near your front door, back door and garage. Some of the lights that you can install include motion-activated lights as they only switch on when someone walks near the lights.

4. Install a home security system

You must ensure that your home has some security system. Nowadays, there are so many security options that you can choose from that accommodate your budget and whatever level of protection you require. Some of the home security system options you can choose from include a basic DIY system or top-of-the-line security with professional monitoring. To decide which security system you should get, you can evaluate the level of protection that you require based on your neighbourhood and your home. You can receive assistance from the local police or by looking at the crime statistics in your community to determine the security level that you will require.

5. Add a security camera

Security cameras are the most significant crime deterrent as criminals will be discouraged from committing crimes whenever they detect a security camera. Having a security camera installed also ensures that if someone were to break in, you would have the footage that will assist in gaining justice. Some of the features that you should look out for include night vision, motion detection, two-way talk, waterproof casing for outdoor security cameras, Wi-Fi capability and cloud storage.

6. Secure the garage

Garages are the entry points that are often overlooked, but they are also very popular with criminals. Most criminals might not use garages to gain access into your home, as there are plenty of possessions that you might have stored in the garage that are valuable to them. Therefore, ensure that all doors leading to your garage are locked at all times and secure the garage doors with extra locks if necessary. Ensure that the garage windows are covered to prevent people from looking in to see what is inside. Make use of home automation so that you do not have to leave your garage doors open.

7. Get to know your neighbours

Meeting your new neighbours is not something you should only do out of necessity, but it can also be a safety measure. Please introduce yourself to your new neighbours and let them know who you are. By doing this, you can ensure that if anything suspicious occurs, they will approach you about it. It is also a great measure to prevent burglaries. Make sure that they know that you will also watch their home.


Implementing security measures for your new home does not have to be a chore, as you can follow the tips offered above. Once you implement these security efforts, you will enjoy the exciting process of moving into a new home.

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