6 Ways to Stay Safe When Living Alone

Living alone can be a great experience as you will have more freedom while you enjoy your personal space. However, the most significant disadvantages of living alone are quite apparent; security and safety. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your home’s safety so you can enjoy your personal space.

When living alone, you might not realise that this makes you a greater target. Therefore, you must follow some security measures to prevent becoming a victim of crime. Having some measures in place will ensure that the valuables in your home are well taken care of, and you have better peace of mind.


Below are tips you should remember when you are living alone.

1. Choose the right apartment

When looking for the perfect apartment for yourself, you should look for more than the aesthetic aspects. You should be more attentive to the safety and security of the home. Firstly, make sure that the apartment is in a safe neighbourhood. Secondly, you should ensure that everything in the house is in good working condition, including the door locks. The best thing will be if the apartment complex has security guards and cameras.


2. Locks

One of the most obvious things you should do when you move into a new home is to change the locks, as it will enhance the home’s security. However, this is also something that most people neglect to do. Changing the door locks is essential as former tenants might have made copies to the place, and the last thing you wish to deal with is having them unexpectedly show up in the middle of the night or sharing these copies with burglars. In some instances, the landlord will pay for this re-key or replacement; however, this is not always the case. You can also pay for this option as it is worth it and it will give you better peace of mind.

You can buy a new lock at any hardware store, and installing the new one yourself is easy. You should install an additional door chain or sliding bolt lock if you can. Adding a chain lock as a security measure will ensure your home is safer even when you are not in your home.


3. Social media updates

When living alone, refrain from sharing this on your social media networks. You should never post about your living status as this could leave you vulnerable to burglaries. Even if you have strict settings on your social media accounts, the information you share with friends and family can easily be accessed by people you do not intend to show it to if there are glitches with the system. The people who have access to your private posts might also forget to sign out of their accounts, allowing others to see your information.

Please refrain from posting about where you will be during specific hours, as this information allows people to enter your home as they will know that you are not there. It can seem unfair that you will have to stop posting about your whereabouts; however, your privacy and safety are more important than your friends knowing where you are. If they want them to see where you are, you can always share your location directly, and they already have your number.


4. Invest in a home security system

Adding a security or alarm system is one of the most important investments you can make for your home when living alone. A home security system ensures that you can record surveillance, monitor when someone enters your home, and be notified when there is a break-in. When looking for a home security system, ensure that you conduct some research first, as there are different varieties on the market, and they all offer various features. Performing some research first also ensures that you choose the security system that will provide the best protection for your home security needs.


5. Consider getting a dog

If you cannot afford a home security system, you can consider getting a dog as an extra backup. Dogs are not only great companions when living alone, but they can be trained to alert you, and in some instances, they can be trained to help you in various ways. Dogs, like any other animal, will require maintenance and love. You also need to ensure that the apartment owner allows pets, as not all landlords will be comfortable with that.


6. Be careful

You must use your common sense to ensure that you do not do anything that will put you at risk. Ensure that you keep your doors locked at all times, including when you are at home. Do not invite strangers into your home. Be mindful of your surroundings when walking between your car and the front door. When walking to your front door, you should have your keys in your hand and be ready to open the door. You should avoid standing at the door and fumbling with them. Take any other measures you need to take to make you feel more secure.




By following the tips offered above, you ensure that you will be better protected and you can enjoy all the perks that living alone has to offer. If you notice any suspicious activity or are concerned about your safety, you should contact local authorities.


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