6 Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Home as an Airbnb Host

Renting your spare space using Airbnb is a great way to make money, and it is also convenient and very easy to use. However, it is not always plain sailing as some complications could arise. There are a range of issues that could occur, such as damaged property to guests throwing massive parties, people will always find ways to take advantage of the Airbnb’s hosts rental space. These issues that could arise will not only leave you broken-hearted, but they could also negatively affect your pockets. However, there are measures that Airbnb hosts can take that will protect them against the threats that they might face.


Airbnb allows homeowners to list their property to guests where they are to pay a fee, and it also facilitates the transaction between the parties involved. To ensure that you mitigate the risks involved, you can follow the tips below to protect yourself as a host.

  1. Vet Your GuestsYou must take the time to vet your guests before they stay in your home, as it will allow you to get a good feel for them. Vetting your guests begins when you communicate with them through the messaging app, but if you want to be more cautious, you should consider calling them to have a quick chat with them about their visit. You will gauge a lot about people from how they speak over the phone from what they say or what they do not say.Though vetting your guests might seem complicated, it is the greatest preventative measure you could take. If, after speaking to potential guests and you are not comfortable, then you should not host them. Airbnb allows you to cancel the reservation if you do not feel comfortable with a guest as it is your home.


  1. Take Insurance SeriouslyAs an Airbnb host, you should ensure that you have your home insurance coverage. Airbnb recommends that all hosts have enough insurance first as this will cover any damages that guests might cause. Airbnb also provides additional cover for theft and damage that might occur; however, this is a secondary insurance option.


  1. Establish Clear Rules and ExpectationsBefore you and the guest agree on the reservation, it is crucial that you layout any rules that guests must follow and your expectations, policies about drinking and smoking, off-limit areas, and whether guests are allowed to bring pets and other guests. The house rules that you provide to guests must be specific and comprehensive, eliminating any confusion. If the guests fail to meet the rules you have provided, you are allowed to cancel the reservation with immediate effect without incurring a penalty. However, if you fail to communicate any house rules to guests, you will not have the option to enjoy the protection.


  1. Guard Your MailYour mail contains sensitive information, such as your name, financial details, the services you subscribe to, etc. If this sensitive information were to fall into the wrong hands, you could fall prey to identity theft. Therefore, you must take better precautions to ensure that your mail is well-protected while you are away. You can lock up your mail, take the mail with you, or you can store it away somewhere safe. It might feel like so much work; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. You’ll also have peace of mind when you know that your details won’t be poached by someone else.  


  1. Protect Your Home Network SecurityWith a rise in cyber attacks, you must protect your home network. With the help of a home network security device, you will receive alerts if there is a threat, such as WiFi attacks that occur on your network. A home network security will allow you to detect presence within your home. Suppose in your house rules you limit how many people will be staying on your property. In that case, a home network security device will allow you to see how many phones are connected to your WiFi, enabling you to see if the guest is following the rules you communicated. You can also remotely monitor to see if there are many people in your home, which enables you to see if a party is taking place.


  1. Invest in a Home Security SystemA crucial measure you can take to ensure that your home is well-protected is to invest in a security system. It will allow you to monitor the activity occurring on your property. The added benefit of having a security system on your property is that it will earn you more bookings as it will provide your guests with an extra layer of security which ensures that you have an advantage over other rentals that they might be considering.One of the best security systems you can invest in is one that allows home automation, as it enables you to control your security system from the comfort of your mobile devices. You have the convenience of switching your lights on or off, controlling the heating and locking the doors.

    When installing a security system, you must consider the Airbnb security policies to avoid any legal implications. You should refrain from putting security cameras in guest rooms; however, in off-limit areas, you can use security cameras to monitor whether guests have been intruding in spaces they are not supposed to be in.




Airbnb hosting is becoming a popular way to make quick cash without doing too much work. Though it is usually problem-free and unlikely that you will have problems, it is still crucial that you take some security measures to ensure that your property is well-protected.



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