7 Vacant Property Safety Tips for Landlords

It is every landlord’s goal to experience tenant turnover, and they would be able to replace their former tenants with a better one in little to no time, however that is not always the case. There is the reality that your property might be left unoccupied for a while. Having your property unoccupied might pose some security risks, but we will show you how to keep your vacant property safe.

The goal for your rental property is to gain rental income. However, this might not always be possible as there will be periods when your property will be left unoccupied. Having an unoccupied property also poses some risks as there is the risk that vandalism and theft might occur. Therefore, landlords must find methods that will keep their property safe. Some of the simple safety precautions that they can follow include:

  1. Receive Assistance from Neighbours

    One of the best methods that you could use to ensure that your property does not experience any suspicious activity is by asking any trustworthy neighbours to report any suspicious behaviour that they notice to you. To approach these neighbours, you also need to have a good relationship with your property’s neighbour. There is a big possibility that the residents in the neighbourhood want to keep the area safe as they will need to keep their property value high. Therefore, your neighbours will not have any issues keeping an eye on your home to ensure that it is safe.
  1. Maintain the Property

    The appearance of your home is not only crucial when it comes to attracting new tenants, but it can also prevent criminal activity. Suppose there are signs that no one is occupying the property, then it will likely attract criminals. Therefore, ensure that you maintain the property by ensuring that the yard is always neat during the vacancy to make it look like the property is lived-in. Some of the things you can do to the property include adding décor items, such as garden gnomes. Maintenance is also necessary to spot any issues with the property, such as pipe leaks, damage due to weather events and ensuring that you detect any faulty fire detection devices.
  1. Check Locks

    To increase the safety of a vacant property, you can also ensure that it has the necessary security measures. Firstly, you should ensure that all the locks on doors and windows that lead into the garage and house are inspected regularly. You must check doors even if it seems that there are no signs of a break-in. If you notice any signs of the lock coming from the door or scratches on the door, then it is a sign that you should replace them. All doors must be locked properly, and ensure that you secure the doors each time you leave the property.
  1. Use Lights

    Lights can be an effective security method as they give the illusion that the home is occupied. There are options you can choose from, such as motion-activated security lights. Motion-activated security lights give the impression that someone is home as they use a timer that switches on the lights after the sun sets. Ensure that the lights are installed so that they face the street so that people cannot tell whether there are people inside. These days, some lights can be controlled remotely using an app on your smartphone.
  1. Review Video Footage

    Security cameras are an effective security measure that you can implement for your home. Once you have installed those cameras, you can review the footage at any stage to look out for any suspicious behaviour, as you never know what might have been caught on camera. Before some criminals decide to break-in, they will stop by to see through door locks or windows to see if the property has any valuables that they might be interested in.
  1. Visit the Property Regularly

    No one can protect your property better than you, which is why it is recommended that you make regularly scheduled visits to inspect your property. These visits are beneficial as they will give you better peace of mind about the safety of your property and how you will ensure that any maintenance issues are addressed. It is recommended that you visit your property at different times of the day or week. Any criminals watching the property will be able to pick up on your schedule, and they could plan a break-in based on your activity.

  2. Install Physical Barriers On Windows & Doors

    Protecting your vacant property as a landlord is of paramount importance, and physical security barriers are an essential tool in ensuring its safety. In the absence of tenants, these barriers act as a robust line of defense against potential threats, whether it be trespassers, vandals, or burglars. Installing security gates and burglar bars on doors and windows not only deters unauthorized access but also provides peace of mind that your property is safeguarded. By fortifying your vacant property with physical security measures, you not only reduce the risk of damage or theft but also demonstrate your commitment to providing a secure living environment for future tenants, ultimately preserving the value and integrity of your investment.


Having a rental property is an excellent investment that will get you a steady income if you secure a long-term tenant. If your property was left unoccupied for a long time, you must take security measures to make certain that it is safe. The safety tips offered above will ensure that your property remains secure until you get another tenant.

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