6 Tips to Improve Retail Store Security

Regardless of your business’s size, your organization’s security is not something you should take lightly. Organizations from any industry can be subject to property damage or burglary. Retail stores’ security should be prioritized as these stores are more likely to be targeted by criminals.

Though there is a huge possibility that criminals can target retail stores, there are some steps that businesses can take to prevent this from occurring.


Below we will list some methods retail stores can adopt to enhance their security and keep their stores safe from threats.


1. Invest in a security system

There are different security system options that you can choose from on the market, such as cameras or alarms. Your store and property should always have technological monitoring equipment because of its excellent quality. It is proven that having a robust security system in plain sight effectively deters crime. Another great benefit of having monitoring equipment is that you will have video evidence in the event of a crime which provides an impartial view of the event. Professional services are the best option to consider as a business, as partnering with these services will provide a watchful eye on your business 24/7, all year round.


2. Use an access control system

An essential step in improving retail store security is using an access control system. Electronic access control ensures valuables are protected without using physical keys. Only authorised employees can open cases using contactless RFID technology, creating a seamless customer experience. You can add features such as auto relocking, further protecting high-value inventory. Access control for offices and storerooms will protect inventory and devices with confidential customer or company data. Settings can be customised to restrict entry to business hours, require dual authentication for two employees, or include an audit trail that will record the number of entry attempts with an individualised code associated with each staff member.


3. Install the right locks

Monitoring access should not be the only measure your business takes to improve security, but all the doors should have safety mechanisms to keep out intruders. Your lock system should make it difficult for an intruder to get in. Therefore, cylinder locks with a deadbolt are recommended as well as a double cylinder lock. Since it is common for staff members to lose keys or fail to return copies of their keys when they change jobs, you should have a key management system and rekey locks whenever their copies go missing.


4. Invest in dependable transaction windows

Transaction windows are sturdy dividers designed with safety in mind as they are meant to protect staff members. From quick-lock designs to bulletproof glass, there are various benefits of using transaction windows on your property. You can consider transaction systems that will enhance security for exchanging goods with customers, especially in the evening when the threat of criminal activity is the highest. A transaction drawer, package receiver or combination unit are some great options that can deter the need to have a direct interface with customers and provide a more secure means to serve customers. You can start the process of updating your facilities with the help of a trusted vendor.


5. Install a safe

If a criminal had to enter your retail store, you would not want them to access the cash box easily. Therefore, to avoid this, you must invest in a high-security safe where you can store cash. Retail store owners have several options that they can choose from, such as electronic safes, traditional combination safes and cash drop safes. For improved security, it is recommended that the safe is stored in a secure section of the store, like another locked door, as this will make the burglar’s task time-consuming and more challenging. It is advised you avoid accumulating a large amount of cash in the store; therefore, you should make bank deposits daily.


6. Train employees to deal with suspicious customers

The most effective way to protect staff and improve the store’s security is through empowering employees and teaching them how to take charge of their safety. Provide training to employees on how to identify shoplifters and how the store deals with them, how they are to react to customers who act in an aggressive or threatening manner, and how to answer probing questions about the store.

Ensure that training materials are well documented so employees can reference them later. Standardise and record material as it will make it easier to train new employees and ensure everyone is on the same page about store policies.




Protecting your property, employees, and customers is vital to operating your business. Following the tips above, you can consistently increase positive customer and employee experiences.




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