6 Telltale Signs Your Home Security System is Due for an Upgrade

Each year many advancements are made that relate to home security technology. With many features being introduced that could improve the safety of your home, you must re-evaluate your current security system and, if necessary, decide to upgrade the system.

The security industry is constantly introducing new products and features that will assist in keeping your home safe. When it comes to home security, we expect them to offer the best possible security for our home. Therefore, to ensure that your home is as safe as it possibly can be, you should regularly update your equipment. We will look at some signs that indicate that you should consider a security upgrade.

  1. Your system is older than ten years

    You might feel like your once state-of-the-art home security system might be able to offer your home the protection that it deserves. However, if any security functions are older than ten years, you will find maintaining security in modern homes challenging. Over the years, there have been significant advances that have been made in home security technology and home automation which makes older systems challenging to compete. Therefore, to ensure that you have more reliable security, you should consider upgrading your security system if it is older than a decade. However, if your system is less than ten years old but has significant flaws relating to technical compatibility or hardware, you should also consider upgrading.

  1. You use wired infrastructure

    For decades hardwired systems were the backbone of home security, but they have since become obsolete, with wireless technology becoming more convenient and affordable. Therefore, if your security system still uses wired features, it could potentially put your home at risk. Wired security systems, such as video cameras and alarms, have some flaws that give burglars opportunities to break into your home. One of the flaws that wired systems have is that burglars can cut the wires to shut down the entire security system, which could leave your home and family at risk. So if your security still has wired features, it is time to consider upgrading to a wireless system.

  1. You don’t use your phone to control your alarm

    Convenience has become a priority for nearly everyone as you can do everything on your smartphone nowadays. Many people might not know this, but you also can control your alarm system from your smartphone. Therefore, if you still have an antiquated alarm panel, you should consider changing it and adding this monitoring service. Having the ability to monitor your alarm system from your phone offers greater convenience. If there are any updates, such as low system batteries and status updates, these alerts can be forwarded directly to your smartphone.  

  1. You can’t watch camera surveillance footage on your phone

    Your smartphone plays an essential role in enhancing the security of your home, whether it refers to the alarm or surveillance. When it comes to installing surveillance systems, you should access the footage directly to your smartphone. Having the ability to view your security footage remotely will enable you to view the activity occurring on the property at any time. Having access to your video footage will offer you better peace of mind. If your security system does not allow you to view your security footage, then it might be time to upgrade.

  1. You have low-resolution cameras

    If you have an older low-resolution camera, you might have the illusion of security as these older versions are not very accurate. Though these cameras can deter burglars from breaking into your home, the footage’s details won’t be clear, which could make it challenging to pursue legal action if someone broke in. Therefore, to ensure that your home is safe as possible, you should invest in security cameras that have better quality and resolution, which would be helpful in a burglary. The footage from a modern security camera usually has 1080p resolution and a backup system to store the recorded video. Newer security cameras also include security features, such as night vision, motion sensors, zoom and tilt, which make it challenging for hackers to infiltrate the security system.

  1. You use a key to unlock your doors

    Keys are not the safest option in keeping your home safe as they easily could be stolen, lost, copied or misplaced, which would lead to virtually anyone having access to your home. Keyed locks can easily be broken or picked by intruders with the right skillset. However, smart locks are a much safer option, and they are more reliable as they can be opened using a code or through remote access using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Therefore, if you are still using keyed locks, it might be time for you to switch to smart locks as they are more reliable.


Security systems are effective against crime prevention; however, if any of the features it has are outdated, then it might leave your home vulnerable. By looking out for the signs offered above, you will be able to determine if you need a security system upgrade, which will ensure that your home has better protection.

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