6 Surprising Burglary Myths Debunked

Protecting our homes is something that we all take seriously, as there are major implications for failing to do that. It can be challenging to pick the methods to implement as there are many myths regarding home security. With there being such high burglary rates in the country, you do not want to take any unnecessary risks. Therefore we will debunk some common burglary myths.

Burglary is referred to the unauthorised entry into any building with the sole intention of committing a crime inside the structure or building. Burglary differs greatly from robbery because it does not require force or fear to gain access into someone’s property, even if no one is present during the burglary. Burglars do not necessarily need to fully gain access into the structure or building for a burglary to occur. South Africa also has an incredibly high rate of burglaries that occur as about 5.8% of households in the country have been affected by the crime.

When it comes to preventing burglaries, you need to be aware of the difference between fiction and facts, as some of the things you believe might not be true. Understanding the difference between fact or fiction will assist you in taking the best protection measures for your family and your home.

Here are six common burglary myths that we will debunk.

  1. Myth: Burglaries only occur during the night

    Whenever we picture burglars, we all imagine them being dressed in all black, wearing a mask, and that burglars will throw all the valuables they steal in the sack they came with. We imagine that these burglars will break into our houses while we are sleeping, and we will realize that all our possessions are missing when we wake up. However, this could not be further from the truth. The reality is that burglars will probably try to access your home when you are not around. There is a higher chance that they would not do so in the evening as most people are home. Around 65% of burglaries occur between 6 am and 6 pm.

    Burglars prefer breaking in during the day, and they will try not to raise any suspicion when they do. Therefore most burglars will dress like a jogger or someone who is taking a walk. Things burglars look out for before they choose to break in are lack of visible security precautions and opportunities they could use to gain access. For this reason, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that your home is safe when you are not around, such as installing security cameras and alarms that will be able to watch your property when you are not around.
  1. Myth: Burglars require some time to break in

    Burglars do not usually plan to break into a home well in advance, but rather they look for opportunities by looking around the area for easy targets. They will look out for homes lacking security measures, such as those homes that do not have security companies. Homes that do not have security service provider are easy targets because there is no time limit when committing the crime.

    However, having a security service provider does not protect you against burglaries either, as burglars are opportunistic. They will still break in, but they know that it only takes a couple of minutes until the police reach the scene. The police usually take about 20 minutes to arrive. So if someone detects the burglars and decides to call the police, it would still give them enough time to take your valuables that they came for and leave. Therefore, you should ensure that you lock all your doors and windows even if you are going out for a short walk.
  1. Myth: Burglars break in using the windows

    Most people believe that burglars break in using the window, but this is nothing but fiction. The most common entry point is actually doors, with front doors being the most popular doors to be used. Therefore, you should double-check that your doors are locked. People tend to be much more relaxed about locking their doors when they live in estates or gated communities, but they are still at risk for burglaries.

    Whenever burglars choose to use windows to break in, they will break the windowpane. Therefore, you should ensure that your windows are barred.
  1. Myth: Having big dogs deters burglars

    The dog’s size is not necessarily what will deter criminals, but rather it is the size of the dog’s bark. Burglars will want to commit a break in unidentified and in the quickest time possible. However, when a dog barks, especially at a high pitch, it will alert people of the criminals on the property, which is the greatest security threat deterrent. So bigger dogs are not the greatest deterrent as smaller dogs tend to be better barkers. Once dogs start barking, it will allow you to act accordingly and call for help or hide in your safe room.
  1. Myth: Burglars are only after expensive electronics

    Burglars tend to take items that are easy to sell, and electronics are not only expensive, but they are also easy to sell. However, electronics are not usually the first targets. Electronics such as TVs or PCs are heavy and difficult to move; therefore, burglars won’t target those, especially because it is common to mount those devices. The only electronics that burglars would choose to take are laptops, smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you have any cash lying around for a rainy day, it is best to invest in a safe where you can lock it up properly.
  1. Myth: Burglars are usually experienced professionals

    There is a common misconception that burglars are usually experienced professionals; however, 85% of break ins that occur are conducted by non-professionals. The fact that most burglars are, in fact, non-professionals means that investing in a home security system will be the most effective deterrent, and it could prove to be helpful in catching them if they were to break in. Having a monitored security system also ensures that the local police are alerted sooner when a break in occurs, which will help keep you safe.


Understanding fact from fiction when it comes to burglaries can help take away any false sense of security. We offer you practical and accurate methods that will lead to a safer home for both of you and your family.

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