6 Stylish Home Office Trends on a Budget

When the pandemic first began, we thought that we would be working from home temporarily. However, it has become the most popular way to conduct work. Therefore, you must spend some time accentuating your home office design. This article will focus on some of the home office trends that you could invest in that do not break the bank.

Most people have accepted that they will be working from home, so it is essential to prioritize home office design. Home office décor is more than creating a pretty working space; but it must also be functional and enable you to be productive. Below are some of the home office design trends you can implement for your home working space that are also affordable.

1. Minimalist Décor

When working from home, it can be appealing to go overboard when designing your space as you can add as much art and use whatever decorations that cater to your style. However, this is not recommended, and it is essential to know that less is more when it comes to home offices. Invest in meaningful pieces that also inspire you so that your office space has better flow and optimizes productivity.

Incorporate items that bring calm and balance to your working area, such as plants or crystals or anything that makes you feel calm. Ensure that your working area is also clean and that you take the time to declutter it by removing any empty water bottles or messy papers on your desk.

2. Unique Colour Schemes

Working from home can be uninspiring as there isn’t the joy and cheer you receive from chatting with co-workers. However, you can choose to substitute that energy by using palettes in your home office that are vibrant and playful. The trend at the moment is adding colours that energize you and that you find comforting. These colours can range from using colourful rugs or a bold statement chair. You can also add removable wallpapers as they are the easiest way to add more colour to your working area without the hassle and commitment.

3. Sustainable Furniture and Accessories

With more and more people focusing on natural products and sustainability, it isn’t shocking that it is now being incorporated into home office spaces as that is a place that we spend a lot of time in. Think about using products made from renewable and sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo or cork. If not possible, you can use previously owned products or use materials that are locally sourced.

4. Bold Walls

Working from home can be difficult as it can be challenging to incorporate the personal and the professional perfectly. Therefore, there must be a connection between the home office space and your home. You must be intentional in using your working areas so that they become much more functional. This includes adding pieces that reflect your style while also serving a purpose for work, such as having a styled bookcase or adding a gallery wall for an excellent video call backdrop.

5. Lighting

Another trend for home offices is adding more light to your working areas. Video call meetings have become the new normal, and you must pay attention to your lighting and background. Lighting also plays a role in productivity, and bad lighting can cause issues such as eyestrain and headaches. Though natural light is always the gold standard, this might not be possible for most working areas. Therefore, you can make use of items such as recessed lighting and desk lamps to add more light to your home office. The plus side to adding light from items such as desk lamps is that it allows you to add pieces that reflect your personality.

Lighting can also assist in eliminating eye strain that occurs from staring at your computer screen for over eight hours. You can add ambient light as it will help soften the harsh light that you get from task lighting. You can choose from many light colours that cater to your moods and needs. 

6. Storage

Working in a clutter-free area is the key to productivity, as the space we work in reflects what is within us. That is why storage is essential in any home office space. The recommended storage space enables you to hide everything once you are done working for the day to feel like you have left the office. Therefore, choose closed shelving units as you can close them at the end of the day. Closed shelving units also have the benefit of allowing you to conceal items such as printers, file storage, binders or folders that you might only use once in a while.


The home office trends listed above can be the easiest way to give your working area a makeover, becoming more organized and productive while ensuring that you love your working space.

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