6 Spots You May Have Missed While Burglar Proofing Your Home

Home security is of utmost importance, and any break-ins threaten your safety, not just physically, but emotionally as well. It can be traumatizing to have experienced a break-in and the dangers span beyond the theft of property and assets. Psychological trauma, injuries sustained from assaults, and loss or damage to property are other concerns that come up in the event of a burglary. While installing security cameras and maintaining locks and other security systems are effective ways to increase home security against burglary, here are six spots you shouldn’t forget to secure when burglar proofing your house for maximum safety.

Slot for mail

Burglars can easily reach through your mail slot and unlock your door. If you want your mail slot to be burglar-proof, try using a metal locked box for your mail as this cannot be tampered with even using a wire and is a big safety upgrade. Mail slot hoods are made of metal instead of plastic, and they act as a strong deterrent to thieves. Less expensive options include purchasing a metal mail slot cover, installing an opening locking dropbox that would prevent anyone from reaching in, or adding a slot diverter which prevents anyone from accessing and unlocking the door. A second deadbolt could be added above the original deadbolt to secure the gate further and prevent someone from getting in and opening it.


Skylights don’t seem like the obvious option as far as burglar proofing a home is concerned, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to pay attention to the skylights because burglars are looking for easy ways to enter your home. If you want to protect the skylights of your house, you should install laminated glazing to prevent it from being broken, install inner window locks, movement detectors, and surveillance cameras that capture footage of the area of skylights inside and outside your home. There are other things you can do as well, such as installing additional lighting in your house, cutting back trees and other objects that make access to your roof convenient, and not storing ladders outside your home.

Doors or flaps for your pets

These are easy entry points into your home for burglars. Mount the doggy door in a wall, if possible, and not a frame. You can also get a security alarm for your pet door with sensors that detect your pet’s weight. Anything that crosses the weight limit is going to trigger the alarm. You can also mount motion sensor lights directly over the area to the gate as a deterrent and a security camera. A more expensive option is to have an automatic pet door that operates for your pet via individual identification, like through collar keys or RFID chips.    

Hinges of doors

Whether or not door hinges are exposed outward is a crucial focus spot for burglar proofing your house. Burglars can easily remove doors by removing the hinges and enter your home. Using set screw hinges that lock the hinge pin to one side is a helpful security measure to use. You may mount hinges for the stud as well. The hinge pins can be removed with these, but, if the door is closed, the studs will prevent separation of the door from the frame. There are also hinge pins made in such a way that the top and bottom are flattened so that the pins cannot be removed. Consider installing a doorbell camera or a home security system to give you activity notifications should someone attempt to break through the door into your home.


Backyards are easy targets because most people have a lot of items of value in backyard sheds. A backyard shed is typically concealed and isolated, providing sufficient cover for a burglar to steal anything. Check for visible signs of wear such as old doors, broken or damaged walls or roof boards, rusted hinges and repair or remove them before you start burglar proofing your shed. Don’t make getting into your shed convenient for a burglar. A window frosting should also be used to prevent people from seeing what’s inside. Add an alarm system with motion detectors, upgrade the light with a photocell light that comes on automatically when it becomes dark or a display with both a photocell and an additional coverage motion sensor. For this type of security coverage, motion-activated security cameras and other features are ideal.


Burglar-proofing your roof sounds like a far-fetched idea, but roofs can be one of the most vulnerable areas in your house. Breaking through the roof is a more recent type of crime being used by more professional burglars targeting upscale neighbourhoods. Burglars may use the lack of security on higher floors of your house as an easy entry point into your house. Protect yourself from a roof break-in by adding a home security system that uses additional motion detectors to cover the second floor. Install cameras for external monitoring and keep ladders and trash cans locked up, without access to your roof.

Securing these often-overlooked areas of your house will ensure maximum security for you and your family.

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