6 Reasons to Choose Trellidor to Protect Your Home

Why choose Trellidor to secure your home? Especially when there are so many security gate and burglar proofing suppliers around, often promoting cheap look-alike products and unrealistically long guarantees. And all security barriers are the same, right?

Wrong. Home security is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make for your family’s well-being, so it deserves some serious thought and research to make sure you get the best value for money. And security products that you can depend on to keep you safe.

We have put together six thought-provoking reasons why you should choose Trellidor to protect your home and business:

  1. Reliable protection

Crime is a reality in South Africa and personal security is non-negotiable. Trellidor offers the strongest products for the best protection. For many decades we have been using crime reports from our franchise network throughout the country and around the world to find out what the trends are in break-ins and how to address them to keep our customers safe at home and work.

We have always had a research and development team that uses this information to test and improve our security barriers to keep ahead of criminals. The proof of the success of these efforts is customers that come back to us 25 years after we’ve installed their gates. They contact us to service the gates and replace locks after keys have been lost.

This says two things about Trellidor.

  • One, as a company we are reliable and always there for our customers.
  • Two, our products last for decades after installation.

We don’t believe in providing cheap, unreliable security products that can be broken through in seconds. We are a responsible manufacturer and believe in supplying protection you can depend on.

Trellidor prices are sometimes assumed to be too high for most people, but this is incorrect. We offer a wide range of products and prices and our authorised franchises work with you to find a security solution that you can afford. But it will never be ‘cheap and nasty’.

  1. Expertise

Trellidor has been in the security business for over 40 years and our people have built up a wealth of experience in how criminals break into homes and businesses. This is invaluable information when they are designing security solutions for you.

We have secured everything from tiny windows in an upstairs dressing room on the South African West Coast to huge underground train station entrances in Europe. Our franchises and head office staff work together to find solutions for difficult projects, sharing ideas and innovative ways of keeping people safe where they live and work.

Trellidor install custom-made security products, which means our people have:

  • The knowledge to advise you on the best products for your home or business.
  • The skill to measure the opening that needs a security barrier or lifestyle product.
  • The ability to manufacture world-class products for you.
  • The expertise to install these products neatly and securely.
  • The commitment to providing you with excellent after-sales service.
  1. Customer support

Trellidor customer support is well-known in the security industry. We are always there for you and we follow up on any complaints with workable solutions.

We don’t get it 100 percent right every time as we’re an organisation of hundreds of people that interact with customers, but we make an enormous effort to rectify any problems when they crop up. Statistically, though, we have very few incidents of this nature.

Trellidor customer support includes:

  • Visiting your home or business to share advice and measure up for your new security barriers.
  • Following up after installation to ensure you’re happy with the result.
  • Honouring our warranties should you ever have to ask us to.

Are Trellidor products safe? Yes, they are. We attack test all our products using internationally accepted methods and we time these tests to make sure that they live up to and even exceed expected standards. You can see these tests on all our products under each product type on the Trellidor website and YouTube.

We will never claim that Trellidor products are completely impenetrable, and any manufacturer that does this is irresponsible. Given enough time, the right tools and no fear of being caught out, any security barrier can be broken into.

But what we can promise is that with the strength of Trellidor products, you have more chance of keeping criminals out and more time to make an escape or call for help if they do get inside your home or business.

  1. Practical product designs

When Trellidor started manufacturing security barriers over four decades ago, we only supplied our now-famous sliding trellis-style Trellidor gates for doors and windows and Trellidor burglar bars in a similar design.

Trellidor designs have always moved with the times and today include a practical range of gates and burglar bars as well as beautiful lifestyle products that offer many other uses apart from security at home or work.

The Trellidor product range now includes:

  • Traditional sliding security gates for doors and windows.
  • Cottage Guard burglar bars for impressively strong window protection.
  • Budget-friendly burglar bars and framed Poly Guard.
  • Trellidor shutters in two styles, one an aluminium roller shutter that can be motorised and the other an attractive louvre shutter.
  • See-through Clear Guard screens that were a ‘first’ for South Africa when we introduced them to the market.
  1. Easily accessible to customers

Trellidor has a unique network of outlets around South Africa and across other continents. Our aim in building this network was to ensure that wherever you live, there would be an authorised outlet conveniently near you.

The advantages of this easily accessible network are:

  • There is always an authorised Trellidor expert within reach of your home or office, whether you live in a city, town, country village or farm.
  • Our showrooms are well located, should you want to see our full product range.
  • You can call on an authorised Trellidor franchise or branch for emergency assistance if you experience a break-in attempt or need repairs.
  • Your local Trellidor outlet is staffed by people that know your area well, including crime trends and how to keep you safe from it, so you can draw on their considerable experience to make the right decisions for your home, office and family.
  1. Proudly South African

Trellidor joined the ‘Proudly South African’ campaign because we have long manufacturing history over many decades in South Africa, producing excellent products and are committed to the local economy.

Although we have limitations sourcing raw materials within the country, we add a substantial amount of value locally when converting raw materials into our Proudly SA finished products.

We work hard at being a good corporate citizen, adhering to health and safety standards and complying with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.  The Proudly SA logo on our vehicles, buildings and emails confirms our commitment to these quality standards.

Our membership of Proudly SA goes beyond just paying our fee to use the logo. We are part of the solution in growing the economic well-being of South Africa.

Our contribution to the campaign assists Proudly SA in driving the procurement of local goods, hosting workshops to upskill South African entrepreneurs and staging procurement focused summits.

The campaign works closely with Government which gives us insight into policy changes and a strategic advantage in growing our business opportunities both in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

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