6 Questions to Ask Your Security Gate Specialist Before Installations

We’re living in terribly uncertain times, having to take the dangers of the Covid-19 virus into every decision we make. But crime doesn’t go away no matter what the circumstances and will probably get worse. Many of us are having to think about increasing security measures at home, so we thought we’d remind you of important questions to ask your security suppliers before letting them into your home.

These points have all been covered in previous blogs, but we’ve looked at them here in light of the extra precautions we need to take to avoid contracting the virus.

1. How long has your security gate specialist company been in business?

This is the first question to ask because answer affects just about every point of contact you will have with the company. A well-established business that has been around for a long time should be able to offer expert advice, provide professional installations and give you excellent after-sales service.

They should be proficient in dealing with customer complaints. And you should be able to expect them to be around in years to come when you need new security products to match the ones you already have. Or if you have an attempted break-in and need repairs done or a lock replaced.

Established companies should also have protocols in place to keep you safe in situations like the current Covid-19 crisis.

2. Do you have a range of security barrier options for me to look at or not?

Security barriers have come a long way over the decades that Trellidor has been in business. In terms of security barrier style, there is so much more to choose from other than sliding steel gates and fixed burglar bars. 

Ask the security gate installer about their design options and each one’s strengthening features.  A good security consultant will be able to advise you on the optimum choice in terms of your budget and security requirements.

You may, for example, prefer a roller shutter to a sliding gate in your passage to create a safe zone. Or you may want see-through security screens next to your sliding doors that lead onto the patio so that you don’t lose the view of the garden.

Security screens are a useful option for your front door if you are doing your shopping online during the Covid-19 pandemic. It acts as a physical barrier between you and whoever delivers your purchases. You can still see the delivery person clearly and converse through the see-through mesh screen. With your masks on, of course.

Perhaps you just want something just to keep monkeys or baboons out, like Poly Guard. Or you may love aluminium louvre shutter doors and have been on the look-out for a product that can take the place of burglar bars and blinds in one pretty product.

Your security gate specialist should be able to match your preferences with their range of products and do this within your budget.

3. Is the barrier you’re selling me the right one for my house?

Don’t let your supplier convince you that all security barriers are the same and that you may as well go for the cheapest ones.  Security barriers often look similar but differ in their construction.  Some are designed to resist an attack for a lot longer than others.

Where you live will influence the type of barrier you choose and the strength of the product that you need. A home in a high crime risk suburb will need strong barriers on every door and window. A home in a low crime risk estate or gated community will not need such a robust product and there will be estate rules to follow in terms of design style permitted.

Your security barrier supplier should be able to meet the needs of where you live with a range of different designs.

Do some homework in advance. Visit the companies’ websites and go through their product listing. Then compare them and make your choice based on this knowledge, not just price.

4. What safety protocols does your company follow?

When we first addressed this question in previous blog posts, it was because there were criminals posing as contractors in order to get into homes and steal.

At that time we said:

  • Your local Trellidor franchise will always phone to let you know when the team will arrive at your home, whether it is for the initial appointment with a sales consultant or the installation team to fit your new security barriers.
  • Let anyone that will be at your home on the designated day and time know that Trellidor will be arriving that day, particularly if you won’t be there.
  • Tell your household not to let anyone onto the property without first checking that they have a Trellidor identity card.  They must not open the driveway gate or front door without doing this check.
  • If they or you still aren’t sure about the people trying to gain entry to your home, telephone your Trellidor franchise to check the names of these people.

Now, with Covid-19 as big a danger as criminals, what you need to know before a consultation or installation is the following:

  • Trellidor staff will take every precaution to keep you and their team safe from the virus.
  • They all wear masks.
  • They all sanitise before they enter your premises.
  • They maintain social distancing.
  • They sanitise as they work and clean up after themselves.


5. What guarantees do you offer on your security barriers?

Whether guarantees are worth the paper they are written on depends on a number of factors. Your security gate specialist should be able to answer the following in order to reassure you that their guarantees or warranties are dependable:


6. Is the guarantee period realistic?

We’d all like any large purchase to last a lifetime, but this is generally unrealistic.  Wear and tear, corrosive environments, poor maintenance and other factors will impact on the lifespan of most products and consequently, on the implementation of the guarantee.  So the wonderful promises may be meaningless in the long run.


7. Are the guarantees the same for all products in the range?

Guarantees can be affected by factors such as where the product is installed, inside or outside the house.  Some companies make a blanket claim about guarantees in their adverts but when it comes to signing on the dotted line, customers find out that the super-duper guarantee does not apply to the particular product they want to purchase. Check on this before committing to the purchase.


8. How does the supplier respond to complaints?

Check your social networks to find out how well the supplier resolves problems, including warranty complaints.  There will always be negative comments about companies, especially after a traumatic event such as a break-in, but the telling response is how companies handle these complaints.


9. What happens to the guarantee if a home is sold?

If you sell your home, does the guarantee end with you or does it stay with the new owner? 


10. Tell me about your after-sales service?

This question goes hand-in-hand with the first one. A business that has been around for a long time will usually provide great after-sales service. This is because they know that their customers are what keeps them in business. Repeat business only happens when customers are happy with your service, and it leads to great word-of-mouth recommendations.

Ask around and do your online research. What you need to establish is that in an emergency, there will be someone to call and they will respond. For example, what happens when your motorised roller shutter stops working and you’re stuck inside your house? Will your supplier be there to help?

Ask all these questions of your Trellidor security barrier supplier, who you can find on the Trellidor website.

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