6 Common Burglary Tactics to Be Aware of

With an increase in the rate of burglaries, you must take the necessary measures to ensure that your home is well protected. Not only do burglaries mean that you will lose some of your possessions, but you will also incur costs for repairs. Therefore, you must be aware of some of the most common burglary tactics to stop from becoming a victim.

Burglary refers to someone illegally entering a building or home using force with the intention of stealing things. When protecting your home from being targeted by a thief, you need to start thinking like one to remove any issues that might make your home more vulnerable to potential burglars. By analysing some of the most common tactics that criminals use, you will make your home more challenging to break into. We will offer you some of the burglary tactics you need to know and provide measures to ensure that you do not become a victim of burglary.

  1. Targeting isolated properties

    Before burglars break into a home, they will usually choose homes with obstructed views away from the street so that they cannot be seen by people passing by or neighbours. Corner houses are also the most targeted houses as there is often one side where neighbours cannot see, and criminals will use this side of the property to gain access to the home.

    To reduce the chances of burglars gaining access into your home, ensure that they have limited coverage. By ensuring that they have limited coverage, you will increase their chances of being detected if they attempt to break into the home. To make sure that you reduce the coverage, you should trim trees and bushes that surround the property.
  1. Accessing unlocked windows and doors

    Some burglars prefer to enter the home without forced entry as 60% of burglars want to enter through unlocked windows or doors. The majority of break-in entries occur through the front or back door. Therefore, you should ensure that the gates, doors and windows are locked when you leave your home. Make certain that you also restrict access to the back garden as burglars will also use this side of the property to gain entry into the house.
  1. Searching for weak window and door security

    Whenever criminals are looking for a property to target, they will look for those with low physical security as they will spend less time attempting to break into that property once they gain successful entry. Burglars will be discouraged to break into adequately secured properties as entering that property will take them more time. There are also more significant risks associated than they would experience for unsecured homes.

    To ensure that your home is safe from burglaries, you should ensure that your doors and windows are secure enough to withstand attacks. You can do this by installing security gates & bars to doors and windows as they can always be retracted during hours when your house is occupied.
  1. Watching the property

    Criminals are known to be opportunistic. However, some will watch the property and carefully plan how they will break in. These criminals will even pose as your neighbours, allowing them to walk around your street and study your routine while they remain unnoticed. They might even come to your door and pretend as they are a handyman as a way to try to see what is inside your home or where you hide your keys.

    Remain alert, and look out for any suspicious people in your area. You can speak to your neighbours about starting a Neighbourhood Watch program. Do not allow strangers to gain entry to your property, especially if you are not expecting anyone. It is also crucial that you hide valuables and keys from the doorway.
  1. Look out for unoccupied vacant properties

    Burglars are more likely to target vacant properties. They will notice some of the common tactics that people use to hide the fact that there is no one around, such as curtains that are always closed, especially during the day or lights being off even during hours when people usually have them on.

    Ensure that your property seems to be occupied at all times. When planning to go away on holiday, refrain from posting about it on social media. Do not leave your curtains closed, and if possible, ask a friend to come in to close them at night and open them again in the morning until you return home.
  1. Avoid security systems

    Thieves find homes that have no security systems installed easier to target. These homes are more accessible for them to target as burglars do not like the risk of being seen and heard while breaking in.

    Therefore, to ensure that your property is safe from burglaries, you should install a security system with lighting and security cameras. Not only will the security system deter criminals, but if they were to break in, you would be alerted. If installing a security system is something that you cannot afford, you can use dummy systems that are the more affordable option. Ensure that you put up signs that indicate that you have a security system, even if this is not necessarily true, as this will put burglars off.

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