6 Benefits of Picking Clear Guard for an Eco-Estate

Clear Guard revolutionised the world of security barriers when Trellidor introduced these protective screens to the South African market a decade ago. It was the first truly see-through burglar proofing in a modern design. Since then, customers have found other Clear Guard benefits that suit their lifestyles, including some that make them ideal for eco-estate living.

Take a look at some Trellidor Clear Guard pictures to understand the benefits of picking clear guard for an eco-estate home:

  1. Blends in with any style of home

    Trellidor Clear Guard screens are made from a coated stainless steel mesh screen tensioned inside an aluminium frame. It is a neat, clean-lined construction that can be manufactured to suit any style of window or door. Its simplicity makes it blend in beautifully with any type of architecture.

    This home has clear guard screens on the lower floor lounge doors, kitchen windows, laundry door and window, bedroom, and bathroom windows. It works incredibly well with this modern farmhouse style but works equally well in a home that draws inspiration from industrial design elements or more traditional architecture.
  1. Does not detract from the natural setting

    When you buy into an estate, you agree to abide by the rules including what you can and can’t do in terms of home improvements or alterations. This often means that you can’t install burglar proofing or security doors that are visible from the outside.

    The most attractive Trellidor Clear Guard feature is that it is virtually invisible. As you can see, the Clear Guard screens fitted inside this home to the sash windows do not detract at all from the architectural features of the home because they are barely noticeable.

    As an added bonus, although you can see out clearly from the inside, the Clear Guard provides privacy from passers-by trying to look inside the home.
  1. Keeps the wildlife out of the house

    Eco-estates are all about enjoying nature, indigenous plantings, and the creatures that they attract. But choosing to live there doesn’t mean that we want the wildlife inside our homes.

    An attractive Clear Guard benefit is that it is a humane way of keeping monkeys, baboons, snakes, birds, and other animals out of homes. The mesh also blocks out insects like mosquitoes, which is hugely important in areas where malaria is of concern.

    This home with the friendly Warthogs is in an eco-estate near Kruger Park and teams with wildlife. People love living there because all sorts of animals wander around the homes without fear. Clear Guard is a popular product for windows and doors because homeowners can enjoy the animals without worrying about them entering homes.
  1. Clear views of the natural landscape through the screens

    Whether its an eco-estate near a city with gardens filled with local plants and trees or a bush lodge hidden in the wilderness, the natural landscape is usually the main attraction for homeowners. Trellidor Clear Guard benefits these homes by being virtually invisible.

    The mesh screen allows clear views of the outside and you don’t even notice that it is there. There is some airflow through the mesh, which is important in summer, and it blocks UV rays to help moderate internal temperatures. This also slows down the fading of furniture.

    This home has soothing views of the landscape through a large expanse of sliding doors, all protected by Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors. Contemplating this peaceful scene is a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a busy day.
  1. Easy to open in emergencies or for cleaning

    There is a practical aspect to Trellidor Clear Guard screens that is sometimes forgotten. Although it can be manufactured as a fixed unit, most Clear Guard screens are lockable, and they can open up when unlocked.

    The main benefit of this is that the Clear Guard door or window can be opened whenever needed, such as for window cleaning. Burglar proofing that opens is also a safety feature because it can be opened as an emergency escape route if there is a fire in the home or home invaders in another part of the house.

    This home has sliding Clear Guard screens on the windows. They can be locked for safety reasons and unlocked to slide open when required.
  1. Safely leave the front door open

    In summer, it is always tempting to leave the front (or back) door open for fresh air. And also because we’re in and out of the house more often, enjoying the outdoors and sunshine. But it is also a dangerous habit, even in an eco-estate because a significant percentage of crime occurs by thieves simply walking in through an open door.

    With Clear Guard screens on the door, you can safely leave the door open. The screen protects you from people and animals without you losing the benefits of summer: sunlight, fresh breezes, and the lovely outlook.

    The family in this home love to leave the front door open but the Clear Guard door closed and locked. It gives them the best of both worlds, safety as well as easy indoor/outdoor flow.

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