6 Advised Spots to Place Security Cameras Around Your Home

Gone are the days where we saw home security cameras as unnecessary and expensive. Some significant advancements in technology have affected home security cameras throughout the years, making them affordable and necessary for any home. It is not enough to have a home security camera; but you also need to consider where you choose to install it to ensure maximum protection.

Home security cameras can serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears with the added feature of two-way audio. They ensure that your home is safe even when you are not around and enable you to see what’s happening even when you are at work.  With the recent advancements made in terms of home security cameras, you can receive so much from your cameras such as ultra-high-definition video and the ability to zoom into footage for details like license plates or the physical characteristics of a person.

These new features can be beneficial if you were to experience a break-in and you needed to submit the footage when you report the crime. However, if you installed your camera in an area that does not receive enough light or that has many obstructions, it could become challenging to use that footage.  Placing your home camera in areas where the weather could negatively impact the footage or images’ quality can also defeat the purpose. For this reason, your home security placement should be something that you significantly consider.

Where to place your home security camera

To receive maximum protection from your home security camera, you need to consider the best places to install it. You need to ensure that you will see what is going on on your property, allowing you to respond by calling the police or your security company if you see suspicious activity. Below we list some of the areas you can place your home security camera to ensure effectiveness.

  1. Front Door

    According to research, 34% of break-ins occur because burglars use the front door as an access point. The study highlights just how common it is to use the front door to gain access into your home, as you mostly use it as well. Installing your home security camera will deter criminals from breaking in, and if they still do, you will have the footage.  It would help if you positioned the camera at an angle where it is easy to see but high enough to prevent someone from breaking it. If your home has more than one floor, you can place it on the second floor, so it isn’t easy to reach.

    You can also transform front doors into video doorbells by installing a security camera that will allow you to give access to friends or family even when you are away at work or on holiday. 
  1. Back Door

    Just like front doors, back doors are also a common entryway that burglars use. Statistics add that 22% of burglars use back doors as an access route. Since front doors are used as main entryways by you, your family and friends, and even delivery people, you might neglect to secure back doors fully. Placing a home security camera in this spot will be useful as it will prevent burglaries. Just like the front door, take measures to protect your camera.
  1. Windows

    Your windows are usually the next best entryway if burglars could not gain access using either the front or back doors.  The other issue that makes windows enticing for burglars is that they are vulnerable and easy to break.  Most windows are located in areas that are not facing the street.  Burglars would be able to gain access into your home without being detected, and this is why 23% of burglars make use of them during break-ins.

    Windows tend to have obstructions such as trees and shrubs, which make them vulnerable, and they can negatively impact the image quality that is affected. Take this into consideration when installing your camera. Ensure that when you install the camera, you can view the area entirely and easily detect people approaching the area.
  1. Garages and Driveway

    Garages and driveways contain some of your most valuable items, such as your cars. For this reason, you need to install cameras in this area to protect those valuables.  Though it is not a standard entryway as 9% of burglars use it as an access route. Installing a camera in this area will help you monitor any suspicious activity on your premises.  The best spot to install your home security camera is at an angle where there is adequate lighting.
  1. Yard

    Your yard is usually bustling with activity, whether this is because of your children or your pets. Installing a home security camera in this area will allow you to see all activities in this area. Once burglars gain access to your yard, they might become less visible to your neighbors. For this reason, you should place a camera in this area.
  1. Indoors

    You should not only use home security cameras for outdoor spaces, but you can also install them indoors.  Placing cameras indoors is just as effective in preventing break-ins and detecting burglars. It would be best if you chose to install these cameras in common areas in the house where you gather, like the kitchen or the living room. Installing home security cameras indoors can assist with monitoring your children and their babysitters.


Installing a home security camera increases your home’s safety and allows you to monitor your home, even when you are not around. By installing your camera in the areas mentioned, you will have better access to the activities occurring on your premises.

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