6 Additional Security Measures Renters Can Take

As a renter, it might seem like you have limited options for the security measures that you can implement. However, this isn’t true as there are security measures that you could implement without the assistance of your landlord.

Renting offers plenty of benefits, but when it comes to home security, even if you choose to rent in a safe area, it does mean that you will not experience any crime at all. You might want to protect yourself and your loved ones from crime, but your options are generally limited. Most of the security measures on the property are the landlord’s responsibility, but there are also some security measures that you can implement on your own to improve your security. Below are some additional security measures that are available for renters.

  1. Upgrade your locks

    The first security measure you are to take when you move in is to upgrade your locks. Most landlords allow you to do so even without gaining permission, but it is essential to check in first to ensure that there are no strict requirements against this. Upgrade to sturdy deadbolts on your door if they are not in place already. Deadbolts make it challenging to break in as methods such as using a hammer or a crowbar that are used to break doors are ineffective. When someone tries to break into your house, and you have a deadbolt, it also makes a lot of noise that alerts you or your neighbours of the lurking danger.

    If you are unable to upgrade door locks, then you can change the keys. There is always the risk that someone out there has a duplicate key, and they can use it to gain access to your property at any time. Changing your keys is also significantly cheaper than upgrading the door locks.
  1. Install a wireless security system

    As a renter, you might feel that you cannot drill holes in order to install a security system, however with the help of technology, you can have a wireless security system. Wireless security systems are portable, which means that you do not need to drill any holes into the wall or hook up any wires. Installation of these systems is relatively easy, so you do not require any additional help to set them up. They are also simple to transfer, so you can take them with you when you decide to move.

    You can monitor these systems from your phone, which makes them better as you will be notified whenever it picks up any suspicious activity. Ensure that you install wireless security systems by the main access points such as your windows, front doors or balconies. The only downside to wireless security systems is that they use up a lot of data, so you should remember that when you choose to install them.
  1. Cover your windows

    Before burglars choose to break into a home, they will first ‘shop around’ to determine whether it has any items they would want. Therefore, to prevent this from occurring then you should either put in blinds or curtains so that burglars cannot look into your space. This method is beneficial for those people whose windows are visible from outside. It would be best if you closed horizontal blinds at an angle to ensure that people cannot see anything through the small gaps. When you leave your home, and whenever it is dark, and you switch on your lights, then you should leave your blinds open.
  1. Make use of technology

    You can use technology to offer security as it allows you to monitor your home from wherever you are. Smart technology can be really affordable, and there are many options you can choose from and these include.
  • Smart cameras: smart cameras enable you to incorporate cameras with WiFi connections that allow you to view and control footage through a smartphone app. The footage gained can be shared to the cloud for later viewing.
  • Smart lights: smart lights combine security and convenience. You can switch these lightbulbs on and off from your smartphone. You can give the impression that you are home even when you are on holiday.
  1. Invest in a safe

    Hiding your valuables such as cash, jewellery, credit cards, and electronics is the most significant security measure you can take. Hiding items under the mattress, in your freezer, or your closet is ineffective as burglars will probably look in these areas first as they know that they are the most common hiding spots. Therefore you should invest in a safe, and you should bolt it to the floor or wall, but ask for permission from your landlord first. You should also hide important documentation such as bank statements or passports so that you can avoid identity theft.
  1. Meet your neighbours

    The simplest security measure you can implement is by taking the step to introduce yourself to your neighbours and getting to know them. By forming a good relationship with your neighbours, they will keep an eye on your property even when you are on vacation. They will be sure to notify you if they notice any suspicious activity. One of the easiest ways to form a good relationship with your neighbours is by joining a neighbourhood watch program.

    If there isn’t one already, then you should form one. You can even start a neighbourhood watch program even if you stay in an apartment, the members will help one another watch over your building.


Break-ins are something that we are all likely to experience; therefore, we should all take the necessary precautions to prevent becoming victims of the crime. Just because you rent does not mean you cannot take some measures that increase the safety and security of the home.

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