5 Types of Roller Blinds with their Features & Benefits

What is a roller blind?

A roller blind is a single piece of fabric fitted onto a roller. It is used to cover a window and rolls up or down in front of the window. A cord is used to roll the blind up to the top of the window or down to the windowsill.

The roller blind can be fitted into the window recess (or reveal) or it can be fitted outside the window recess. The choice of fabrics is vast and will depend on the décor style of the room and factors such as the level of humidity, degree of privacy and light penetration required.

Types of roller blinds

Roller blinds all work in a similar way. What makes types of roller blind different are features such as:

  • Light filtering ability.
  • Level of privacy provided during daylight and at night.
  • Whether you prefer decorative patterns, textured plains or practical PVC.
  • Ability to block out UV rays and glare.
  • The size of bar or rail you prefer at the bottom of the blind.
  • Whether you prefer aluminium or PVC cords to operate the blind.
  • Whether you require a cassette at the top of the blind to cover the roller.

When making your choice, talk through all these points with your supplier so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

There is a confusing range of roller blinds to choose from and the more you look through samples, the more muddled you get. To simplify your selection process, here are five types of roller blind to consider, with their features and benefits.

1. Roller blind screens

Screen fabrics are very good at controlling light and heat. Taylor Blinds have several different options from which to choose, but C-Screen roller blinds are one of our favourites, due to the fact that it is so versatile.

This is a simple, practical roller blind made from functional, transparent screen fabric. The thin, subtle material has a 5% openness factor and is flame-retardant. C-Screen is available in colours such as Chalk and Soft Grey that are timeless. The blinds are resistant to bacteria and fungi, so they can be installed in humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms. For the ultimate in convenience, the roller blinds can be automated, with a manual option available too.

Taylor Blinds offer several other alternatives in the screen roller blind range.

2. Block out roller blinds

Block out roller blinds range from light filtering and room dimming to complete blackout fabrics. They usually have a coating on the back of the roller blind that blocks out the light. You can choose between products that contain PVC and those that are PVC-free.

Roller blinds that block out light are an excellent choice for bedrooms, baby and children’s rooms, TV rooms and boardrooms.

Here are some block out roller blind options.

3. B-Range

Taylor Blinds’ 100% Polyester B-Range is a plain block out fabric with a textile look and feel and subtle textures. These roller blinds provide good UV control, glare and heat reduction. They are suitable for moist and humid environments and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Choose from contemporary colours like Bright White, Metal and Gardenia and between manual and automated operation.

The B-Range is not only available in a block-out version. Use the more translucent weight as a light filtering roller blind. It is suitable for rooms where blocking out the light completely is not essential. It has the same qualities as the block-out, but allows a degree of light into the room, so use it in living areas and windows onto patios.

4. Le Reve roller blinds

This is a block out fabric that’s good to look at, with an elegant texture. It is part of the Taylor Blinds fabric collection and comes in a colour range that suits both classic and modern interiors. Le Reve roller blinds are suitable for wider windows, so use them on your large ‘picture’ windows. Le Reve fabric has a foam coated acrylic backing on the reverse side of the textured interior facing fabric, which creates the block-out effect. It is PVC-free and flame retardant.

5. V-Range roller blinds

Taylor’s premium V-Range fabric offers 100% block-out roller blinds without the PVC backing. Available in widths from 750mm to 3000mm, this range offers a sophisticated colour palette with opaque and metallic finishes. The acrylic coating on the back of the fabric has anti-fade, easy clean and anti-fungal properties.

The benefits of V-Range roller blinds are that they reduce glare and heat; they are fade resistant; they are lead and PVC-free; they are crack-resistant; and you can choose either manual or automated control.

6. PVC roller blinds

PVC roller blinds offers total block out. They provide privacy and darken a room even during the day. These roller blinds are a smart choice for rooms that need total sun block out. This includes boardrooms, bedrooms and other environments where the option of total darkness is required. Taylor Blinds offer PVC roller blinds in an array of colours.

Like many other good quality roller blinds, PVC blinds are flame retardant, crack resistant, suitable for moist conditions and easy to clean. They can be opened and closed manually or automated.

Whatever type of roller blind you choose, there are certain considerations to take into account to make sure you get the fit you want. Here are some points to factor into your decision.

How do you want the roller blind to be fitted?

The choice is between:

  • A face-on fit, where the blind is attached outside the window recess, onto the face of the wall. This is a good option for block-out blinds as it helps reduce the amount of light that seeps into the room.
  • A reveal-fix, where the blind is fitted inside the window recess, flush with the wall. This is a very popular, neat installation.

How do you want the roller blind to operate?

Here the choices are:

  • A spring-loaded chain.
  • A plastic (PVC) chain or cord.
  • A metal (aluminium) chain or cord.
  • Automated operation.

Which side is best for the chain/cord to hang?

  • Left control position?
  • Right control position?

Take into consideration which side is easiest to get to if you have curtains or burglar proofing in the way. Or perhaps a door that opens next to the window. Or even heavy furniture that you don’t want to have to get around to open or close your roller blind.

With or without a cassette?

A cassette covers the top of the roller blind and creates a lovely neat finish, but it may not always be practical. Discuss this with your roller blind supplier.

Taylor is part of the Trellidor Group, so for further information on Taylor roller blinds, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise. We work alongside homeowners, designers and architects to provide Taylor-made-to-measure, locally manufactured, top quality products that are delivered and installed on time.

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