5 Trellidor Clear Guard Features Different from Other Security Screens

There are many different types of security screen on the market. Not all of them, however, have features that ensure they are effective in preventing human intruders from breaking through windows or doors into a home or place of business. Clear Guard has all the qualities of traditional security screens but in addition it is a purpose designed and custom-made framed security screen that provides protection against a break-in attempt.


Types of security screens

Traditional types of security screens come in many forms. There is wire mesh in a square or diamond pattern and fixed to the outside of doors and windows to prevent vandalism; perforated steel panels fixed as a box around windows and attached to the outside of an opening; more solid steel screens suitable for industrial buildings; and insects screens that are not security screens at all. 

Trellidor Clear Guard does everything that these screens do. It protects a building against vandalism and blocks out insects. But it is also a very strong security barrier for doors and windows that helps to stop criminals from getting inside a home or office.


How to choose a security screen

The choice of security screens for windows and doors needs to be guided by what the screens are expected to do. If they are just meant to keep insects out of a home or commercial building, then fly screens made from aluminium or fibre glass are a practical solution. These screens will not be strong enough to keep out intruders, but they will keep out insects, snakes, and other animals.

Wire mesh screens can help to prevent damage to a building by vandals, but these screens are seldom strong enough to be reliable security screens. The same applies to solid or perforated steel panels, which can be levered or pulled off windows and doors by criminals with simple tools like a crowbar.



Clear Guard, on the other hand, has been designed as a true security barrier. Five features make Clear Guard different from other security screens:

  1. It is manufactured as a security barrier

    Clear guard security screens are made from a tightly woven stainless-steel mesh that is incredibly strong, even if a power tool is used in an attempt to cut through the mesh panel. You can’t tear the mesh as the metal strands are too strong. And it unlikely that anyone can push it out of the frame, which has been designed to strengthen and protect the mesh screen. 

    Each Clear Guard door or window barrier is fitted with a strong lock, with the exception of fixed panels. This product does keep insects and animals out of a home or commercial building, and it is also a security barrier that will keep criminals out too.

  2. Durable and corrosion resistant

    Clear guard is made to last. The wire mesh strands are coated to protect it from rust and corrosion. The aluminium frame is treated against corrosion before it is powder coated, adding another layer of protection against deterioration. The result is a security screen with a high-quality finish that will provide many years of protection both at the coast and inland. Each installation carries a dependable warranty against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion

  3. Suitable for all levels of crime risk

    Unlike other screens on the market, clear guard can be trusted to protect doors and windows even in high crime zones. It is an effective barrier against break-in attempts. If installed to create a safe zone, the screens will provide a physical barrier between you and intruders that break in through an unprotected part of your home.

  4. Clear Guard is a multi-purpose security screen

    Security screens are seldom all-in-one products, but Clear Guard can do a number of jobs once fitted to doors and windows: 

    • It keeps out insects, snakes, monkeys, and baboons.
    • It is an excellent deterrent against house breaking.
    • The woven mesh screens out up to 60% of the sun’s UV rays to help control internal temperatures, improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and shield furniture from damage.
    • It allows air to flow freely into the premises but blocks out high winds.
    • It provides protection without blocking the view because the screen is see-through.

  5. Clear Guard is an attractive product

    Clear guard has a great quality that other security screens do not have: it is lovely to look at. The slim frame and black mesh panel are sleek and appealing and fit seamlessly into any style of home. The frame can be powder coated in a colour of your choice to suit your décor. Views are clearly visible through the screen, so you are never aware that you are looking through a security barrier.


If you’d like to see Clear Guard samples before making a decision about what protection you need on your doors and/or windows, visit a Trellidor showroom near you or call in a consultant, who will show you what this interesting and useful security screens look like.

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