5 Tips for Securing Your Home During Renovations

The process of renovating your home can be the most exciting period as you consider the improvements you can make to enhance your home’s appearance. However, during this time, the most overlooked aspect during the process is the home’s safety. We will offer you some tips that your home is well-protected during this exciting period.

The renovation process involves many people coming in and out of your home at all times of the day. However, it can compromise the safety of your home, but there are steps that you can implement that will ensure that you keep your home and its valuables safe during this process. The tips listed below will help you in maintaining the safety of your home.

  1. Conduct a background check on contractors

    Before using any contractors, it is recommended that you conduct a background check to check that they are credible. You don’t have to run an official background check; instead, you could ask your friends and family for a contractor referral. By doing this, you will find a contractor someone has hired in the past. Conducting some research before hiring them ensures that you hire a contractor who is not only hardworking but is also trustworthy. Trustworthy contractors will also give out some tips that will assist in keeping your home safe during the renovation process.

  1. Store your valuables

    During renovations, you might have to tear down some walls, which might become a safety risk as any valuables that might have been kept safe because of those walls will be exposed. Therefore, to ensure that your valuables remain secure during the renovations, you should consider investing in a safe. Consider putting your safe in a room that will be locked. You can bolt down the safe making it nearly impossible for someone to run away with it. If you have larger valuables that you want to keep protected, consider renting storage or asking to store those valuables at a family or friends house.

  1. Use security cameras to watch over your project

    When you have contractors working on your property, you should monitor their activity. You could utilise security cameras as they allow you to monitor the activity occurring on your property, which becomes essential if you want to monitor activity while you are not around. With security cameras, you would capture footage in real-time, making it easy to watch out for any suspicious behaviour. Having security cameras is essential for several reasons. Firstly, if anything were to go missing, you would review the footage and determine what happened. Secondly, the presence of security cameras on your property also serves as a deterrence of crime as anyone who wanted to crime would think twice once they notice the cameras.

  1. Track who enters your home during renovations

    During the renovations process, you will have to allow many people to access your home, making it crucial to track who enters your home. One of the ways to effectively track the people who have access to your home is through monitoring your keys. You can choose to add keypad locks or smart locks to your home as this can serve as an extra security measure. With these locks, you can give out codes to trusted contractors, ensuring that random people do not have access to your home.

    Smart locks also take security to the next level because if you use them in conjunction with a smart home hub, you will have the ability to lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone. Having smart locks will enable you to access your home remotely and eliminate the need to give away keys or codes. You can also schedule times for the door to lock and unlock, which offers greater convenience. Through using these locks, you can grant temporary access to your home to workers without jeopardising your home’s safety throughout the day.

  1. Update security measures

    Before conducting renovations, you should look out for any issues that might risk the safety of your home. You might create new potential access points that burglars could use during renovations. Since burglars are always looking for convenient access to your home, ensure that you consider adding new locking equipment. You should consider adding motion sensor lights and outdoor lighting as it is one of the most effective deterrents to burglars as they look for dark areas to hide. During renovations, installing motion sensor lights sends a message to burglars that you are aware of your home’s security exposures, but you are taking precautions.

    If criminals were to try to break in, they would feel exposed by the lights when they flash on, which will likely scare them off.


Renovating your home may be an exciting process, it can also become an opportunity for anyone who wants to commit a crime. Therefore, you must follow the tips below to ensure that your family, belongings and home are safe during the entire process.

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