5 Security Measures to Look at for Daycares

When you choose to enter your child into a daycare, you select a place that will keep them happy and where they can play with other children. A safe and positive environment is crucial for children to learn, and that is why you need to ensure that they have the required security measures that will be able to keep them safe.

Daycares are supposed to provide a nurturing learning environment. Children also spend a lot of time at daycares, so they must be safe. The security measures that the daycare has in place are critical as they allow both parents and teachers to feel more at ease. To ensure that your children are at a safe daycare, you need to look out for the following security measures.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras are known as the best deterrents against anyone who plans to do anything harmful. Therefore, you must look out for cameras that will monitor entryways and any areas with a lot of activity at the daycare. The daycare should install security cameras to ensure that there is enough coverage of all areas.  It also assists the staff at the daycare in monitoring the activity around the premises, such as a parent wanting to gain access or if any of the children suffers an injury as keeping track of active children is a difficult task. Security can also be effective in monitoring any bullying that occurs and resolving these issues before they escalate. A report by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has mentioned the importance of surveillance systems in daycare centers for safety and child protection.

2. Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are essential as they will notify the staff if a security breach were to occur. Having intruder alarms also ensures that no one can enter the premises when the daycare is closed to either steal or do anything else that could put your children in harm’s way. Find out if there are panic buttons installed with the intruder alarms that can be pressed when there is an emergency, and they need someone to respond without using a phone.

3. Automated Door Locks

Door locks are essential security measures that a daycare can have as they ensure that you keep out any unwanted and suspicious individuals from entering the daycare. Automated door locks also ensure that your children will be safe and protected while inside the daycare. Automated door locks allow each staff member to have their own passcodes, and they help keep track of everyone that enters and leaves the daycare at any given point.

These door locks additionally protect children, as they prevent them from opening the door and wandering off. Automated door locks can too allow you as a parent to enter the daycare as you wish, as you could receive your own card, use your fingerprints or gain access through a smartphone app.

4. Staffed Front Desk

A daycare with a front desk staff ensures the first line of security that allows for some form of interaction with the staff in some capacity. The staff member will be able to look out for any suspicious behaviour that might be occurring as they will be able to monitor the people coming in and out of the facility. It is crucial that the staff member also has access to the panic button, which will be helpful in the event that there is an emergency, such as a suspicious person gaining entry into the facility. Having a daycare with a visible front desk greeter allows them to answer questions and that there is someone who gives any guests or parents a tour of the daycare if necessary.

5. Sign-in/Sign-out

Sign-in and sign-out sheets are an essential aspect of a daycare as they ensure that there is an accurate accounting of all the children in the centre. The sheets are crucial because they are the simplest and most effective method that can be used to ensure that the security of the daycare centre is up to par. When you arrive at the daycare, the staff should ask for some form of identification such as an ID or a driver’s license before you are granted permission to enter the facility. Suppose the staff allow you to enter the facility without asking for any form of identification, and they are not concerned about who you are – this would be a clear sign that there is a security problem that could put your children at risk.

Telltale signs of a secure and safe day care centre are also visibile, robust physical security barriers. Security gates and burglar bars in day care centers are of utmost importance for the safety and well-being of children. These security measures serve as a robust deterrent against unauthorized access and potential intruders, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the premises. They also help in emergency situations, providing controlled access during drills or lockdowns. Beyond child safety, these security features protect valuable equipment, maintain privacy, and help day care centers comply with legal requirements, providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are in a secure environment. Trellidor has a range of strong & attractive physical security barriers that can be ideal to meet the needs of any day care centre.


A daycare is supposed to be a haven for your children, and that is why it requires security measures that ensure that your child is always safe and protected. When looking at a daycare, ensure that they have the security measures mentioned above in place so that you have better peace of mind at all times.

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