5 Security Features Landlords Can Include to Attract Potential Tenants

Security is not only a priority for homeowners, but it is something that tenants require. Therefore, landlords must prioritise the security of their property to give it an advantage on the market.

The security measures that a home has is what tenants will find appealing when looking through the house. Nowadays, many security features can be integrated into the home to make it more secure and attractive to tenants you want to attract. The security features you choose for the property must be in good working condition to be effective. We will discuss the security features that will be most appealing to tenants as they will see them when they look through the property.

  1. Security Cameras

    Home security cameras allow you to monitor the activity occurring both outside and inside the home, giving you a sense that you have an extra pair of ears and eyes wherever you are. Nowadays, security cameras allow you to see live footage from your home remotely from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, ensuring that you receive immediate alerts if there is unusual activity occurring on your property. Security cameras are also the most effective crime deterrent as criminals do not want to be seen when they are breaking into a home. If someone were to break in, the footage gained from the security cameras would be effective as it would assist the police in catching the perpetrators.

    Security cameras are not only helpful in policing crime, but they can assist in keeping an eye on your pets when you are not at home. Security camera quality has gradually increased over the years as its technology allows you to zoom in on items, allowing you to capture more details, such as the physical characteristics of a person and license plates. The tenants will know that they will also have instant access to the activity occurring, ensuring that they have better peace of mind, which potential tenants would want from a property.
  1. Alarm

    Criminals want to target homes where they know that the people who live there won’t see them, which is why they would choose to break in during the day. For this reason, tenants would want an alarm system to ensure that the home is protected against break-ins, even when there is no one around. The security company that handles the alarm system would alert the tenant if there were a break-in and contact the police. The alarm system ensures that the home is well-protected, which tenants want from the property. An alarm system can also be integrated with smoke alarms for better smoke detection, which would be beneficial, especially in the event of electrical issues. If a fire were to start, you would be alerted, allowing tenants to reduce the damage that would likely occur.
  1. Security Gates

    Security gates are a popular security feature that ensures that your home is well-protected. Security gates are also something that potential tenants would immediately see on the property, making it an essential feature for a home to have. When purchasing a security gate, you might be tempted to go for the cheapest one. However, you must invest in a high-quality security gate as it makes it more effective and will last longer. Security gates are harder to break into, which makes them a better option for home protection. When burglars try to break security gates, they make a lot of noise that would gain your attention, which is why burglars might be discouraged as they do not want to draw attention to themselves. The plus side of investing in security gates as a landlord is that it also increases the property’s value while ensuring that your property is safe from crime.
  1. Burglar Bars

    Burglar bars are an excellent way to secure your home as they are strong physical crime deterrents that you can purchase at a low price. There are different types of burglar bars that are available, such as permanent security bars, swing away bars and removable bars. Permanent security bars are perfect for long-term use. Swing-away bars can be removed to ensure easier window cleaning, and they can be removed in an emergency when you need to use the windows for fire escape. Removable bars are usually installed in residential storefronts as they are placed on windows and doors at night. However, they are removed during the day. The benefit of installing burglar bars as a landlord is that tenants will see them immediately when viewing the property, making them more appealing. When it comes to crime, windows are the second most popular entryway used by criminals. Therefore, by installing burglar bars, you ensure that you reduce the chances of criminals breaking into your home. It is recommended that burglar bars are installed by a professional as this makes them more effective for crime prevention.
  1. Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion-sensor lights are different from regular lights as these lights will only switch on when they detect movement. When these lights are triggered, these lights will be on for a specific time. Installing motion-sensor lights will make the property more appealing to potential tenants as they know that it is well-protected. It also ensures that they do not incur higher energy costs as motion-sensor lights do not use up much energy. Motion sensor lights also offer greater convenience as you do not need to switch them on and off as they only switch on when they detect movement. These lights are also effective for crime prevention as they discourage thieves and burglars. The lights eliminate the darkness that criminals need for cover when trying to break into the property.


As a landlord, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that the property is safe for potential tenants. Adding security features will attract more tenants as security is a priority for most. However, this does not have to be expensive. Investing in the security features mentioned above will attract potential tenants while ensuring that your property is better protected.

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