5 Reasons to Get Louvre Shutterss as a Doorway Covering

Security shutters are in high demand for a good reason. They are an attractive home addition that add an element of structure and class to any décor or architectural style. They are usually fitted to windows and often used as room dividers. But they can also be used as a doorway covering. Here are some compelling reasons why these louvre shutters could be perfect for your doors.

What are security shutters?

There are several types of shutters including steel and aluminium rolling shutters, solid wood panelled shutters, storm shutters and aluminium louvre shutters. Some are fixed to the outside of windows and doors, either as a decorative element fixed on both sides of the opening or on hinges so that the shutters can be closed to shut out harsh weather, such as storms.

Some are fitted inside the home and used as window coverings instead of curtains and blinds and in some cases, burglar proofing too.

Not all shutters, though, can be classed as ‘security shutters.’ Security shutter benefits come from the fact that they have built in strength and can be used as protection against intruders. They are not just pretty. They are pretty strong too.

Trellidor shutters are available in different styles and strengths. The one you choose will depend on where you live and what you need them to do for you. The Trellidor shutter range has the following options:

  • Aluminium roller shutters that roll up into a shutter box when not in use and can be automated.
  • Aluminium Premium Louvre Shutterss louvre shutters that are as strong as top-end burglar proofing.
  • Aluminium Estate Shutters louvre shutters that look similar to the Louvre Shutterss but are positioned at a lower price point for those that don’t need an extreme level of protection from intruders.

Doorway security shutters

Louvre shutters are not a new idea for doorways. Think about those ‘bar room’ style shutters that swing open as you push through them. Doorway security shutters, however, are designed to stop people from getting through once they’re closed and locked.

Here are 5 reasons to consider using security shutters as a doorway covering:

  1. High level of security

    Security shutters provide protection from home invaders, thieves, and other unwelcome visitors. They have in-built strength that is dependable enough to make it exceedingly difficult for anyone to break into your home through your doors.

    Trellidor Louvre Shutterss are made up of louvres that are reinforced internally with a threaded steel bar along the entire length of each louvre. The doors are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system. Locked shutters provide security whether the louvres are open or closed.

    This means that if you fit these security shutters to doorways such as your front or back doors, you can leave the doors open for fresh air. As long as your security shutters are closed and locked, you will be protected from intruders walking into your home through the open doors.

    Closed and locked security shutters provide protection even when the aluminium louvres are tilted to the ‘open’ position for air flow and to let light into the room. Open louvres let you see what is going on outside, an essential part of being aware of your surroundings and who might be approaching your home.
  1. Convenient and easy to use

    One of the benefits of installing aluminium security shutters at all your exit doors is that they’re so easy to use. The patented Trellidor locking system lets you lock or unlock the shutters from both sides of your door.

    When leaving the house, close and lock the shutters before doing the same with your front or back door. If home invaders try to get in through the door, they’ll have a double layer of protection to break through – the door and the security shutter. They’re more than likely to give up as this is a time consuming and noisy operation.

    Being at home with security shutters on your doorways is just as easy. You don’t have to open them up to let the light in. Simply tilt the louvres by hand, and let the sunshine in.
  1. Provides privacy even in busy neighbourhoods

    Most of us like to see who is passing by in our neighbourhoods but we don’t necessarily want them to be able to see inside our homes. Security shutters on doorways are the ideal solution.

    The benefit here is that the security shutter louvres can be tilted up or down to the level of privacy you need. You can also choose how many louvres are connected so that you move them all at the same time.

    For example, you may want the top louvres closed for privacy and the bottom ones open for fresh air if you live in a street-level suburban home. In a second-floor apartment, you may want the reverse, with the bottom louvres closed for privacy and the top ones open for sunlight.
  1. Matching windows and doors

    If you have louvre shutters on your windows, then it makes sense to have aluminium security shutters on your doors too. Having similar designs right around the home provides visual continuity and indicates well-thought-out security and interior design.

    All of these points contribute to the ‘street appeal’ of your home and increases its value. You may not be in the market to sell right now, but one day you might be. Reliable security that looks gorgeous is an added bonus for attracting a future buyer.

    In the meantime, you will be living in lovely surroundings that keep you safe without making you feel like you’re living in a jail.
  1. Acceptable in estates with rules about burglar proofing

    Many Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate have strict rules about what burglar proofing you can and can’t install in your home. Burglar bars and security gates are often banned, and you are not allowed to fit them.

    It is fully understandable because these estate properties are sold as safe living environments, so the idea is that you don’t need burglar proofing. But there are loads of anecdotal stories about burglaries within estates, even if these are less likely to happen than in free standing suburban homes.

    Louvre Shutterss are one way to get around the estate’s rules without transgressing any rules. They don’t look like security gates at all, but they do provide great access control. If you keep these doorway coverings closed and locked, no-one can get into your home without your approval.

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