5 Reasons to Get Coroview Doors for Your Residential Garages

Have you ever gone past a motor dealership showroom or fire station and admired the beautiful floor to ceiling wall of glass that lets you see inside? These are called Coroview sectional overhead doors. They are custom-made by Trellidor, so can easily manufactured for residential homes too. Here are five reasons to choose them to add a touch of class to your garage.


1. Beautifully Designed

Coroview sectional overhead doors are beautiful when closed to show off the large glass panels and slimline profiles. They are an attractive home addition and really improve the street appeal of the property. They also add to the value of the home, whether used as garage or patio doors.  

Apart from good looks, Coroview doors improve security when used as residential garage doors. This is because you can see through these doors. You will never be caught by surprise by criminals hiding in your garage. Robbers are highly visible through the Coroview doors. This means they are far less likely to try this common method of carjacking and house robbery.

There is no need to worry about the glass breaking because there is a choice of toughened glass or laminated safety glass. Both these types of glass conform to international standards for moving glass panels. The glass is fitted into the spaces using a unique clip-in system that prevents the glass panels from accidently falling out of the door frame.  


2. Customised 

One of the features of Trellidor Coroview is that it can be customised to suit your preferences. As already mentioned, you can choose between toughened glass or laminated safety glass. But there many other ways to make these doors your own. Some customisation ideas include:

  • Choose a combination of toughened and laminated safety glass. 
  • Or go for toughened glass plus armour plating.
  • Try obscure or mirror finish. 
  • Or opt for performance glass, which can be tinted in a variety of colours to block out UV-rays while allowing light penetration. Performance glass also helps control internal temperatures and provides security.
  • Replace the glass panels with laser cut, perforated aluminium plates or solid or perforated infill panels of powder coated aluminium. The result is an interesting, ventilated security door.
  • Choose the powder coating colour. You may, for example, want a colour that blends in with the outside of your house, or you may want a contrasting colour for impact.
  • Use the same colour to powder coat tracks, hinges, and fittings to match the door.
  • Personalise the way the door works. This will depend on the space available. It could be a standard sectional overhead, a high lift door, or a vertical riser if the space is double volume.


3. Strong Protection

One of the main benefits of Trellidor Coroview is that they are strong and safe. The frames are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium for maximum strength to weight ratio. For bigger doors, pretensioned wind loading stiffeners are fitted to optimise strength. 

Sizes range from 1m to 8m wide and up to 15m in height, but Trellidor has custom-made doors far bigger than this. Even very large Coroview doors have some of the slimmest profiles on the market. They take up less space and allow for more glass to brighten up interiors. For added safety, the unique clip-in system for the glass is on the inside of the door. This provides superior security, unlike competitor products where the clips are on the outside. 



4. Low Maintenance

Trellidor Coroview is made from low maintenance aluminium and glass.  Before the powder coating colour is applied, the door frames are treated to resist corrosion and UV damage. The powder coating adds another layer of protection. The result is a smooth surface that is corrosion resistant. This means that the doors can be fitted to buildings at the coast as well as inland.

It also means that the doors don’t need as much maintenance as other types of residential garage doors. Regular cleaning following the manufacturer’s instructions will keep Coroview doors in excellent condition and improve their lifespan. 


5. Weather Proofed

Coroview is one of the few products of its kind that is properly weather proofed. It is made with interlocking panels, weather strips, rubber seals and slam strips to block out rain and wind. This protects vehicles parked behind the doors in a residential garage. 

In good weather, the doors open up the space completely. This is why Coroview doors are sometimes fitted inside the home as well as to garages. They have been used as patio doors and doors that lead onto a pool deck, creating great flow between the living and playing spaces within a home.

Find out more about Trellidor Coroview doors for your residential garage. Or call Trellidor for a free consultation with a security expert that will answer any questions you have about these doors. 

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