5  reasons South African homeowners are choosing to invest in Clear Guard Security Screens

Security barriers on doors and windows are a necessity in South Africa if you are to avoid break-ins at home. For people that don’t want traditional burglar bars on their windows or gates on their doors, Trellidor Clear Guard is the obvious choice. Here are five reasons why many homeowners choose to invest in this see-through type of protective security screen.



1. You don’t even know they are there

Security screen doors and windows are hardly noticeable once they’ve been fitted. Unlike metal bars, you see straight through the mesh screen without noticing they’re there. Even if you have clear guard security on all your openings, you won’t be conscious of them when you glance out at your beautiful city or sea view.

This is one of the key features of Clear Guard security screens that appeals to people in coastal homes. They can be fitted around a large patio because you can see right through the screens to the great sea view beyond. The screens can also be installed to protect all doors and windows in the home without affecting the outlook.

The same is true for eco-estates and bush lodges. Here you may need to protect your home from break-ins when you’re away but want to be able to see nature easily beyond your windows and doors. Trellidor Clear Guard is the perfect solution. It also keeps out insects and animals, which are often part of the appeal of these locations.




2. They are strong enough to stand up to a criminal attack

The main benefit of Trellidor Clear Guard is that it a high-quality crime barrier. The high tensile stainless steel woven mesh screen proved to be extraordinarily strong during Trellidor in-house attack tests. Trellidor technicians repeatedly struck a clear guard screen door with a variety of weapons used by criminals. They did not manage to get through it.

Clear Guard units are fitted with strong Trellidor locks. These are locked or unlocked using just one key but the unit locks in several places internally. This is an added layer of protection. The keys are computer cut and not easily available to anyone, which further improves security.




3. Beautifully designed to look attractive in a home

Clear Guard clearview security screen doors have a very appealing appearance. There are few security barriers that can be said to improve the street appeal of a home, but these security screen doors definitely do. They have a slim aluminium frame and a coated woven stainless steel mesh panel insert.

Clear Guard units fit neatly next to doors and windows, providing protection from a wide range of threats. They are carefully designed so that they match the way your doors and windows open and don’t get in the way of handles or other hardware.



4. Excellent value for money

One of the main benefits of Clear Guard is that it has so much offer and is great value for money. Clear Guard security screens are worth the price of installing them because they have so many uses including:

  • Dependable protection from criminals trying to get into your home.
  • Stops pests like monkeys, baboons, snakes, and insects such as mosquitoes from getting inside your home.
  • Helps to moderate the temperatures inside your home.
  • Lets fresh air flow inside through the tiny gaps in the mesh screen.
  • Blocks out harsh sunlight and protects against the damaging effects of UV rays on furniture and fittings.
  • Lets you have wonderful views of the outside while protected from intruders inside the home.




5. Corrosion resistant for a long lifespan

Clear Guard doors and windows are all treated at the Trellidor factory to protect them against corrosion. This is especially important for units that will be installed in corrosive environments such as coastal or polluted areas.

The anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating process go a long way towards making sure these products last a long time. The rest is up to the cleaning regime of the homeowner. Obviously, if the home is within a few kilometres of the sea, the security screens will have to be cleaned more regularly than screens in an inland home. The cleaning instructions are available on the Trellidor website to make it easier for homeowners to know what to do.




As discussed, Clear Guard screens are a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking for high quality protection that does not ruin the outlook of their homes. It is a beautiful product with many benefits. For people that live in estates with many layers of security, Trellidor GriffinGuard may be a suitable alternative. It is a lower priced product that looks similar to Clear Guard but is not of quite the same strength under attack.

To find out more, contact your nearest authorised Trellidor supplier.

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