5 Reasons Clear Burglar Bars Are a Leading Trend for Estates

People living on housing estates generally enjoy a lifestyle free from the stress of worrying about crime. This is true to a large extent, but low-level crime still happens, which is why clear burglar bars are a leading trend in estates. They provide transparent window protection against opportunistic theft without impacting negatively on the benefits of living in a secure estate.

Clear burglar bars are available in several different materials, with Polycarbonate bars or strips being one of the most widely used in estates as well as other homes in areas where crime rates are low.

What are Polycarbonate burglar bars?

Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic polymer used in engineering. It is strong, tough and easily moulded without cracking. Some types are transparent, and these are used to make burglar proofing strips.

The most common type of Polycarbonate burglar bar is a series of strips screwed into the window frame. This is not a very secure installation method because the strips are quite easy to push out.

A much stronger system is the one designed by Trellidor. This version has a patented full, four-sided frame. The Polycarbonate strips are inserted into the frame and the frame is attached to the wall inside the window reveal for a neat, secure fit.

The result is a strong unit that is more effective at keeping burglars out than strips screwed into the window frame. The Polycarbonate strips keep out monkeys and baboons and this feature is often the main reason that people install Polycarbonate bars.

Why clear burglar bars are trending in estates

Residential estates usually have strict rules about what people can install next to their windows and doors to provide protection for residents. Some estates forbid any type of protection at all. But clear burglar bars like Trellidor Poly Guard are trending in estates for the following five reasons.

  1. Clear burglar bars are acceptable to most estates because they are see-through and virtually invisible. They do not look like burglar proofing and so they don’t spoil the spacious appearance of an estate home.
  1. The Polycarbonate strips are close enough together to stop monkeys from getting inside a home. This has made Polycarbonate bars popular for eco-estates, golf estates and any homes on the coast.
  1. Clear bars are perfect to use as burglar proofing in low crime risk estates where it is not necessary to have high-strength burglar bars that would clutter up the windows. Polycarbonate bars offer a lighter, uncluttered alternative.
  1. The Polycarbonate panels are UV resistant so they are long-lasting and look good for many years. They don’t rust either, so they are a good choice for coastal homes.
  1. Clear burglar proofing is ideal for windows in low risk locations that have lovely views. They don’t block the outlook with cluttered burglar proofing but still provide protection from petty theft, which happens more often that is acknowledged in residential estates.

The benefits of framed clear burglar bars

Not all clear burglar bars are framed but there are definite benefits to installing the framed designs.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. They are stronger and more resistant to attack than the more common method of attaching the Polycarbonate strips to the window frame.
  1. They are custom-made by Trellidor and the units are installed by trained technicians. This ensures a perfect fit, which makes it stronger and harder to attack.
  1. Window handles and hinges are easily accommodated as this framed Polycarbonate bar unit is made to fit. The gap sizes are customized with adjustable panels to allow for handles and hinges.
  1. Trellidor uses fixings that are difficult for intruders to access or remove. 

It must be noted that clear burglar bars are not as strong as traditional steel trellis-style burglar proofing. This means they should only be used in homes where the risk of crime is low. In areas where the risk of a break-in is higher, you will need more robust burglar proofing solutions.

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