5 Questions To Ask When Considering Roller Shutters

Roller or rolling shutters, also known as roller doors, are made of horizontal steel or aluminium slats linked together to form a ‘curtain’. This curtain rolls up into a box overhead to open up the doorway or window. It is rolled down to cover the window or doorway when needed. The shutter can be manually operated if small and light enough. Large shutters are heavier and are usually automated for easy operation.

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Where to install roller shutters

Roller shutters make excellent security barriers. They can be fitted to protect openings from a break-in attempt and theft. This makes them perfect protection for windows, doors, passages, stairways, patios and kiosk counters. In fact, just about any opening.

Roller shutter designs with solid slats (no holes punched in them), are excellent for internal climate control. A closed solid slat roller shutter blocks out wind, rain, sun and dust.

Steel roller shutters are commonly used in commercial buildings. They protect shop fronts, warehouses, factories and banks. They are less common in homes because they are heavy to operate and noisy.

Trellidor manufactures roller shutters from aluminium instead of steel. These are far more popular for home installations.

They provide a high level of protection. They are not as bulky as steel roller shutter doors. And the shutter box is far smaller, so the installation is more compact.  

Why choose aluminium roller shutters for your home?

Roller shutters have many benefits to offer for home use. Some of these are:

  • Peace of mind when you need it. When the shutters are closed, they provide a strong barrier against intruders.
  • Seamless security. Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters can be made for windows as well as doors, so your security around the house will all blend in.
  • They don’t need a track on the floor. This means there is no tripping hazard for children. It is also safer for those in wheelchairs or that have difficulty walking.
  • Tidy installation. There is no need to cut a track into the floor.
  • Neat side guide channels. The roller shutter moves up and down inside guide channels on the side walls. These guide channels are narrow and unobtrusive. The channels can be recessed into the wall to make them even neater.
  • Out of sight when you don’t need them. Roller shutters are hidden inside the overhead shutter box when you don’t need them. They roll down easily again when you need them for protection.
  • Open up the view. Open shutters reveal your view completely. There are no metal bars to block your outlook, so your home doesn’t feel like a prison.

For all the above reasons, roller shutters are a good choice for home security. But the quality can vary quite a lot between suppliers. Here are five questions to ask when considering roller shutters.

5 questions to ask before buying roller shutters:

  1. What are they made from?

Roller shutters are often made from steel, so don’t forget to ask your supplier what they use.

Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters are made from aluminium, which is lighter and quieter than steel. This makes them far better suited to homes. Aluminium is also long-lasting as it is corrosion resistant.

All Trellidor security barriers are manufactured at our SABS ISO audited factory. The manufacturing process includes pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. Powder coating in the colour of your choice adds another layer of protection. 

This process helps to retain the quality finish and increases the lifespan of the roller shutter, making them suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.

  1. Can they be automated?

Trellidor Rollerstyle rolling shutters are easily automated for the ultimate in convenience. This is the best way to operate very large shutters, such as those designed for a front door.

Automated roller shutters from Trellidor are operated using a control panel fixed to the wall. Or you can use a hand-held remote-control device. For those that have gone the Smart Home route, automated Rollerstyle shutters can be integrated into the central control system.

  1. What makes them strong?

The enhanced strength that Trellidor products are known for is the main reason why Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters are popular for home protection. In the ‘lock down’ position, they provide a very high level of security.

Roller shutters can be supplied with a manual override function in case of power failure, so you’ll never be stranded on the other side of a locked shutter.

Trellidor carries out regular attack tests on all barriers to make sure they are strong enough to do the job expected of them. We use tools that burglars often use and attack them to see how they stand up.

Rollerstyle roller shutters always come through with flying colours, so Trellidor franchises install them with confidence.

  1. Why choose roller shutters instead of other types of security gate?

Trellidor roller shutter doors are a very neat and unobtrusive form of burglar proofing. They are very different to metal burglar bars and gates as there is no clutter covering the windows and doors.

So if it’s important to you that you home does not look like a jail, choose roller shutters as your home security. When they’re open, you won’t even know they are there.

When closed, aluminium roller shutters help to control the internal climate in a room because they block out wind, rain, dust, sun, heat and cold. They also help to provide sound insulation. This is in addition to providing protection from intruders. This makes roller shutters a good value for money, multi-purpose security solution.

  1. Will the shutter box look ugly in my home?

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters roll up into a neat and compact shutter box. Even if you retro-fit these roller shutters with a visible shutter box, the installation will be inconspicuous.  

With forward planning for a new build or an alteration, the shutter box can be hidden in a wall or ceiling cavity. The shutter itself is then completely out of sight when rolled up into the concealed box.

Roller shutters price

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutter doors are custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements. This means there is no standard price on roller shutters.

Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises in South Africa and other countries around the world. They will gladly measure the opening and give you a quotation on roller shutters for your home.

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