5 Leading Reasons to Have Trojan Classic In Your Home

The Trojan Classic sliding security gate is an updated version of the well known Trellidor retractable trellis-style protective barrier for doors and windows. What’s new is that it combines the best features of top of the range products with a price that is highly affordable. Take a look at how this has been achieved to make you feel safer at home or work.


No short cuts: just in-built strength

Many parts or components go into making up a retractable security gate. These all work together to make the security gate open and close smoothly. But more importantly, they also add up to a gate that is strong enough to resist being attacked by intruders. One of the main features of the Trojan Classic is that no expense has been spared in making this gate strong. All the important details that go into making a tough retractable barrier are there, like anchor plates to protect every fixing point that attaches your gate to the walls around the door or window from intruders. Plus a double row of upright vertical bars, linked together and much stronger than standalone upright bars.


Attention to important reinforcing details

Small things that may not be noticed can often be the cause of bigger problems and this is true of security doors. Components can be left out when making security gates in order to make them cheaper. But this is definitely not true of the Trojan Classic, which benefits from attention to detail to make it strong. For example, it has a full, four-sided frame for strength and stability. The frame is fitted with corner cleats: a little piece that is riveted into the corners of the gate. It joins the top track to the strike jamb (the lock side) and the anchor jamb (where the gate is ‘anchored’ to the wall) to further add to the gate’s strength and stability. And also a lovely, neat finish.



Premium retractable gate locks for dependable protection

Trellidor engineers designed the Trellilok specially for sliding security gates. It is a dead lock with several locking points inside the lock stile. It only needs a single turn of a computer-cut key to activate all these locking points inside the gate. Quick, simple, and easy locking means the gate is more likely to be used as it should and that it is kept closed and locked at all times. The Trojan Classic lock is protected by a lock shroud to prevent intruders from trying to insert tools to breach the lock. 


Custom-made for any opening for all-round home security

Trojan Classic is the ideal residential security barrier because it can be tailor-made to fit any opening from heights of under 400mm to over 3000mm. No opening needs to be left unprotected because it is too big or too small. Another feature of the Trojan Classic is that there is a choice of configurations to suit the limitations of the location. Options include a single sash that locks on one side (the one we’re all familiar with); two sashes that lock into each other at the centre (often used for large doors and windows); a single sash that locks on both sides of the unit and retracts in either direction; two sashes that lock into each other at the centre and also on each side of the unit; and a fixture that does not open and has no lock but is fixed permanently in place.


Innovative features to suit unique circumstances

If you’ve dismissed sliding gates as home security because they won’t fit your lifestyle, then Trojan Classic will make you think again. Your Trellidor consultant will usually be able to design a solution to suit your unique circumstances. As an example, if the bottom track is a potential tripping hazard, you could choose a ‘hinge-up’ track that lifts safely out of the way for safe passage. Or if doorway space is several limited, a ‘hinge away’ unit could be the answer as the entire security gate stack can be hinged away from the opening when needed. Angled units and doggy door options are also available under certain conditions.


Take a closer look at Trojan Classic

Trojan Classic is an excellent example of a high-quality residential home security solution pitched at a price that gives you great value for money. It’s always wise to ‘try before you buy’ so why not visit a Trellidor showroom near you to see this security barrier first-hand? You’ll get great advice on this and other product options so that you can make a wise choice in terms of protecting your home at a price you can afford.



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