5 Leading Benefits of Having Burglar Bars in Your Home

Burglar bars should be installed in every home since they are essential for safety and have other, frequently overlooked advantages. In South Africa, a house without burglar guards is essentially a blank check for thieves because invasions can still happen in gated communities that are supposed to be secure.

Consider home security as a multi-layered procedure, with the first perimeter being your exterior fence, the second being your alarm system, and the third being your burglar guards. Read our article below for more information on why your home needs burglar bars.


Benefits of having burglar bars

Security bars, particularly those attached to windows, work well to dissuade burglars and offer security for your property at a reasonable price. Furthermore, from the perspective of your home insurance provider, it is a fantastic addition to securing your house. So much so that they frequently drop your premiums as a result of the lesser risk of crime at your house.

Window security bars come in a variety of styles, so you may pick one that best suits your home’s needs. One of these solutions might be the best option for you, depending on what you think is the best method to secure your home with security bars and whether you want to install it yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Permanent window security bars are intended to achieve just what their name suggests. Permanent security bars are installed with long-term security in mind; they are not intended to be taken down.

Security bars for windows that swing away or have hinges serve the same purpose as other security bars, but with the added benefit of having hinges that enable cleaning of the window and an escape path in case of emergencies. 

Removable window security bars: These security bars are attached to store windows and are most frequently seen in commercial locations. They are normally taken down at night when nobody is inside the building and installed during the day when there is less chance of a break-in.


  1. Detecting intruders

    The capacity of burglar bars to discourage potential burglars is their main advantage. Visible burglar bars serve as a potent deterrent since thieves frequently look for easy targets. Security bars on windows and doors alone send a strong statement that your property is not a target for thieves. Burglar bars considerably increase the difficulty for thieves to enter your property without authorization, making them rethink their illegal plans. By purchasing burglar bars, you can significantly lower your home’s vulnerability to break-ins while also enhancing security.


  1. Protection against break-Ins

    Burglar bars act as an actual barrier to prevent entry, greatly lowering the possibility of theft. These strong bars are frequently constructed from durable materials like steel, making them challenging to penetrate. They are made to withstand attempts at forced entry, offering a powerful deterrent to thieves. Burglar bars create a challenge for would-be intruders, and the effort needed to get around them could draw unwanted attention. Installing these security measures can act as a powerful deterrent, preventing even the most determined criminals from trying to break in.


  1. Children’s safety and accident prevention

    Burglar bars are essential for child protection because they stop unintentional falls from windows or balconies. Unfortunately, falls from elevated spots in homes result in hundreds of children being hurt or even dying every year. Installing burglar bars helps establish a safety net-like barrier that reduces the likelihood of such mishaps. It gives parents and other carers peace of mind since it ensures that youngsters may safely enjoy natural light and fresh air. Due to this benefit, burglar bars are a crucial purchase for households with small children or those who live in multi-story structures.


  1. Improved home aesthetic appeal

    Contrary to popular belief, new designs of burglar bars have evolved to perfectly complement various architectural types. The aesthetics of a home can be complemented by a variety of styles and finishes that are available to homeowners today. Burglar bars can now be discreetly included in the overall design scheme thanks to the manufacturers’ availability of them in a variety of colours. You may keep the aesthetic appeal of your property while maintaining maximum protection by choosing burglar bars that blend in with the exterior of your home. Burglar bars are a practical and attractive option that benefits homes on all fronts.


  1. Peace of mind

    The peace of mind they provide is likely one of the most important advantages of installing burglar bars in your home. It gives you a sense of comfort and tranquillity to know that your house has an additional layer of security. Burglar bars provide you peace of mind about the security of your loved ones and possessions, whether you are at home or away. With less constant stress about security risks, you may enjoy your home and experience an improvement in your overall well-being. You take proactive steps to safeguard your loved ones and establish a secure atmosphere by making an investment in burglar bars.




Homeowners are constantly looking for strategies to secure their families and their property in an increasingly uncertain world. Installing burglar bars on windows and doors is a practical step that has gained popularity. You can take advantage of a number of benefits that these bars offer.



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