5 Home Security Features Important to Potential Buyers

Buyers are becoming savvier, and the market is already incredibly competitive. Sellers need to become more creative and focus on the people they want to attract. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to attract buyers is by investing in the home’s safety, and we will look at the most crucial home security features buyers look out for.


When homebuyers are looking for the house of their dreams, they prefer a home that not only suits their lifestyle but they also want it to meet their security needs. A house that has some security features in place is essential as it ensures that they can rest assured as they will know that their family and their possessions will be safe from the time they walk through the gate. This reassurance adds more value to your home, and we will discuss some security features you can add to appeal to homebuyers.


1. Electrical fencing

Installing electric fences in your home can be beneficial as whenever a person or object touches the fence, they will receive a short electric shock that will pass through the person or object in question. These fences are easy to install, and their components are lightweight and easy to carry. The fences require minimal planning, making the installation much faster.

Although electrical fencing will increase the value of your home, they are pretty affordable. This is because fewer wires are required, and the fence also requires support posts, which will significantly decrease the costs involved.

Electric fences also require minimal maintenance and care, which homebuyers will find appealing. They will have to ensure that the batteries and fence charger are kept dry and clean.


2. Home security cameras

With high crime rates in the country, it is a great advantage to have a home security camera installed on your property. Home security cameras serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears that will enable homebuyers to keep an eye on the property if they buy the home.

Homebuyers will know that they will have peace of mind with security cameras as that is the most significant benefit they can expect. When installing security cameras, you can choose between wired or wireless cameras. Both these options will increase the security of your home, and homebuyers know that they have the opportunity to check in on the property from wherever they are to monitor any suspicious or unusual activity. Home security cameras are an effective crime deterrent which would make homebuyers feel better about their home’s safety.


3. Burglar bars

Burglar bars are necessary as each home should have them fitted to increase the home’s safety. Firstly, burglar bars are easy to notice and draw homebuyers’ attention. Homes that do not have burglar bars installed appeal to potential criminals, making it easier for them to break in. Burglar bars serve as a physical barrier between valuables and potential burglars, significantly reducing the chance of the home being broken into.

Burglar bars are also an excellent investment as they increase the time it will take potential criminals to gain entry to the home. Homebuyers can relax knowing that if burglars had to try to break in, they would have ample time to contact the security company or the police and have enough time to devise a strategy for how they can protect themselves.

Another significant advantage that homebuyers will benefit from with burglar bars is they could potentially save on their insurance premiums. When insurance companies perform risk assessments on the home, they will determine how likely it is for the house to be robbed. Since the home has burglar bars installed, they will likely pay less on their monthly premium.


4. Smart locks

Smart homes have become popular and could be a great selling point for your home that also ensures the property is safe. Smart locks increase accessibility as homebuyers do not have to worry about keys. With smart locks, homebuyers will have greater peace of mind as they know they will not have to worry about duplicates or losing them. The smart lock system also enables them to create a unique lock code for each family member.

Secondly, smart locks include a feature that sends notifications to smartphones. You can inform homebuyers about this feature and how they can receive additional insights on the user that may have locked or unlocked the door. Smart locks can appeal to homebuyers with children as they can check to see if they made it home safely from school.


5. Security lighting

Security lighting is not only to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it can potentially deter criminals. The presence of security lighting on your property can assist in increasing the value of your home. Adding lighting to your home is a simple addition, but there are also some factors that you will need to consider.

When installing security lighting, consider the angle and wattage of the lamp and the height from the ground. If your property has areas outside where intruders can use to hide, like wall corners or trees, you can eliminate them using floodlights as they will prevent burglars from being able to hide in the shadows.

Motion sensor lights are the best outdoor lights you can use as they will scare away intruders, which homebuyers will find appealing. These lights should be installed in the front of your front and back doors and garage doors.




To ensure that your property sells fast and at the best price, you need to do all you can to make it stand out from the competition. Investing in the home security features listed above will enable buyers to feel safer about your home, making it easier for them to fall in love with it.



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