5 Guidelines on Choosing Stylish Security Products for Your Home Office Windows & Doors

The ‘gig economy’ is no longer just a catch phrase for a few people lucky enough to be able to work from home. It has become a lifestyle for those that prefer to manage their own time. For others, it is a necessity and the only way to earn an income after losing their full-time jobs.

The 4th Industrial Revolution that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has mentioned in a number of speeches lately is one of the factors leading us into this gig economy. It sees people upskilling and becoming more literate in terms of technology.

What this all means is that more people are working from home as independent contractors than ever before. And to do this efficiently, of course, one needs office space. It doesn’t have to be a whole room. Most people just don’t have the space for this. A corner of the living area or bedroom works just as well.

Working from home alone for long periods of time could mean you’re vulnerable in terms of personal safety. Nobody wants to work in a prison-like room with metal burglar bars on the windows and security gates on the doors.

The reality is, though, that you need to feel safe in your home office. This means choosing security just like you choose the desk you’ll work on and the computer you’ll use to generate your income.

Trellidor has some guidelines on how to choose stylish security products for your home office windows and doors.

How to secure your home office

  • Turn your home office into a safe zone

If you are going to spend a lot of time alone in your home office, you don’t want to constantly be concerned about how safe you are. One solution is to turn this space into a safe zone. To do this, install security barriers on all the windows in this room and on any doors that lead into it.

This is particularly important if you can’t afford to secure your whole house. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re hard at work on a project is whether you will hear someone breaking in elsewhere in your home.

Rather secure the area you work in properly so that you can relax and get on with earning money.

  • Choose stylish burglar bars for windows

There are many alternatives to ugly metal burglar bars. If you are in a high crime risk area, take a look at Clear Guards from Trellidor. These consist of an aluminium frame with a woven stainless-steel mesh insert.  The mesh is see-through and great for offices with a lovely view for you to look at while thinking at your desk.

It’s a very classy looking burglar proofing that can be designed to protect just about any style of window or door.  This includes sliding doors and windows, sash windows, bi-fold doors, French doors and windows and so on.

Trellidor Clear Guard is multi-purpose, which means it is cost-effective. The mesh blocks out mosquitoes, monkeys, baboons and snakes. It keeps criminals out too. It helps with internal climate control by blocking out high winds and dust. And it reduces the effects of UV rays and extremes of heat and cold.

Don’t be fooled by the use of the word ‘mesh’ in the description of Clear Guard.  This is no ‘fly screen’.  The mesh is industrial grade and has undergone stringent strength tests. It is able to withstand a serious attack by robbers. 

Trellidor Clear Guard is manufactured using an anti-corrosion process before powder coating it for a smooth finish. This makes it an excellent choice for coastal home offices as well as inland ones.

Other stylish burglar bars for windows include Trellidor Cottage Guard, which can be manufactured to match the gap sizes of your cottage pane windows. This means that you hardly notice the burglar guards. This burglar proofing is also suitable for protecting windows with large panes of glass.

Polycarbonate bars are another good-looking option for windows. Trellidor makes one that is framed on all four sides, which makes it much stronger than other designs. The frame makes this a neat, stylish burglar bar design for windows. Use it in lower crime risk locations like residential estates as it is not as strong as metal burglar bars.

  • Install sophisticated security gates for doors

All doors leading into your home office should have some sort of protection. You can close and lock these security doors and not worry anymore about your safety while you work.

When you need some fresh air, open the doors but keep the security door or gate closed and locked, and you’ll be perfectly safe.

Products to use here include Clear Guard by Trellidor. If you have it on your windows and doors, it will all match and won’t look out of place.

Another option is security shutters. Make sure, though, that the shutters are really is designed to be a security barrier. Many louvre shutter products on the market are more decorative than strong. They won’t stand up to a break-in attempt by a burglar armed with the right tools.

Trellidor manufacture Louvre Shutters, which has internal strengthening features. It is also a beautiful, sleek louvre shutter design and will add a touch of class to your home office.

Use security shutters on your windows too, and you won’t need to spend any more of your hard-earned money on curtains and blinds. The shutters do it all, providing protection, privacy, insulation from sound and letting you decide how much light you want to penetrate into your home office from outside.

  • Find a professional to get the best advice on security products for your home office

There are so many security gates for doors and burglar bars for windows to choose from that it can all be rather confusing. Budgets also play a big part in how secure your home office will be.

The best advice is to find a professional security consultant to help you. They can quote on one stylish security product design for all the windows and doors in your home office. Or they can suggest a mix of door and window barrier designs to better suit your budget.

Expert advice will help you avoid making an expensive mistake with your home office security. The last thing you want is to opt for poor quality products that buckle under a battering by thieves that get away with the tools of your trade. Or ugly products that make your home office feel like a jail when there are some very sophisticated and stylish products on the market.

  • Keep your security gates and burglar bars closed and locked at all times

One of the most convenient reasons for working in a well-secured home office is that you don’t have to think about how safe you are. Instead of being fearful of every noise you hear, you’re able to concentrate on your work.

This can only happen if you are disciplined about keeping your security gates and burglar bars closed and locked at all times. Windows and doors can be left open for airflow and to let the sunshine in but keep your security locked for protection.

If you leave your home office for meetings or to travel to see clients, lock up again. Those office security gates and burglar guards will make sure your computer and other equipment are still there for you when you return.

Find your local Trellidor outlet to help you choose your home office security products.

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