5 Considerations Before Installing Poly Guard Bars

Many people love the idea of clear burglar bars because you can hardly see them once they’re installed. However, they may not be the perfect security solution for every home. Try going through these five considerations before deciding on whether transparent burglar bars are best for your windows. 


1. What do you expect your burglar bars to do for you?

A frequently asked question about clear polycarbonate burglar bars is: are they safe? The best burglar bars for windows are the ones that do the job you expect them to do. If you are looking for the highest form of protection in a high crime area, then see-through burglar bars may not be for you.  

Clear burglar bars that have a sturdy frame are far stronger than other polycarbonate burglar bar designs. They are more difficult for burglars to damage than simple polycarbonate bars attached to window frames. But none of these types of burglar proofing are not made to withstand a brutal, professional attack by criminals with the right tools and plenty of time to break in. High quality steel or aluminium burglar bars would be a better option in this situation.

In fact, most people that favour see through burglar bars are simply trying to stop monkeys or baboons from getting into their homes. Or they live in gated communities where there are other forms of security in addition to their internal layer of burglar bars. They are not looking for the strongest burglar bars on the market. Polycarbonate bars are the perfect solution for this type of home.  


2. How safe is your neighbourhood?

The type of burglar bars you choose for your windows should be influenced by how risky your neighbourhood is in terms of crime. Are break-ins frequent in your area? Or do they seldom happen? 

One of the features of Trellidor clear burglar bars is that they are built for strength. They have a full, four-sided frame and are fitted with tamper proof fixings. Each unit is securely installed into the substrate around the window, making this one of the strongest transparent burglar bar products on the market and suitable for many locations. 

However, if you live in an area where home invasions and violent crime are frequent and successful, then perhaps rather consider a stronger steel burglar bar design for your windows.


3. What type of installation do you expect?

A benefit to choosing clear burglar bars from Trellidor is that you get custom-made protection fitted by trained technicians. Once installed, your new transparent burglar bars will be neat, strong, and barely noticeable. 

Trellidor transparent burglar bars have a neat aluminium frame that fits snugly into the window reveal and ensures a tidy installation. The polycarbonate panels (also called strips) fit inside the frame, so there are no messy loose ends or screws to spoil the design of the burglar bars. 


4. What do you want the end result to look like?

One of the main reasons people don’t want burglar bars on their windows is because of the way they look. They don’t want their windows cluttered up with metal burglar bars. Polycarbonate bars are a good option in this case because once fitted, they are see-through and hardly noticeable.  

Poly Guard has another benefit in that it is UV resistant so the panels should not go yellow through exposure to sunlight. With regular cleaning, transparent burglar bars will give you many years of use in good condition. Another FAQ about clear burglars is how to clean them. Find out more


5. What type of budget do you have?

Another FAQ about clear burglar bars is what they cost. The good news is that they are very reasonably price. They are affordable for most people, so polycarbonate bars should be one of the security barrier products you consider for all your windows if you don’t live in a high crime zone. This means that polycarbonate bars are a good option for secure estates and other types of gated community.



Clear Burglar Bar FAQs


What are invisible burglar bars?

Poly Guard, also known as Invisible Burglar Bars, are see-through plastic with many uses in product engineering. This plastic is used to make burglar proofing because it has high impact resistance, is UV resistant and stable in very low and very high temperatures and does not rust or corrode like metal.


How strong are clear burglar bars?

Trellidor Poly Guard have a patented extruded aluminium frame provides neat finish, improved strength and the unique tamper-proof fixing system provides you with protection you can trust.


What are clear burglar bars made of?

Clear burglar bars, also known as Polycarbonate Burglar Bars, are invisible bars made from engineering grade Polycarbonate (PC) plastics. It has a high impact resistance and is see-through.


Are clear burglar bars safe?

Clear burglar bars are not as strong as steel or aluminium. They are mainly used to keep monkeys and baboons out of homes. But if properly designed they can provide a deterrent to intruders. Trellidor Poly Guard have a patented extruded aluminium frame that secures and strengthens the polycarbonate strips. The units are fitted with a unique tamper-proof fixing system for added protection.


How clear burglar bars are installed

Trellidor Poly Guard have adjustable panels that allow for customised gap sizes and to accommodate for window handles or hinges. Most Polycarbonate bars are simply strips nailed to window frames, but Trellidor has designed a framed version that is neat, attractive, and strong, providing enough protection for a low crime risk home.



Trellidor Poly Guard is custom-made for your windows, so call your local Trellidor outlet to find out more and get your windows measured for a quote.

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