5 Best Car Anti-Theft Devices to Invest In

Over the years, new technology has been introduced for cars that have improved their security. However, even with these methods, the number of car thefts has not decreased. Car thieves have started to learn new ways that they can use to steal your car, which exclude hot-wiring an ignition. To decrease your vehicle’s chances of being stolen, it is advised that you invest in anti-theft devices, and we will show you the best devices to invest in.

Each day there is always the added risk that your car will be stolen, especially if you do not invest in other preventative measures such as anti-theft devices. Below are some of the best anti-theft car devices that you should consider investing in.

  1. GPS Tracker

    GPS trackers enable you to track the exact location of your car from your smartphone. Having a GPS tracker for your vehicle also makes it easier to quickly recover your vehicle and catch the thief in time. The tracker can send you an email or text message alerts to your smartphone whenever your car is in motion. You are able to receive reports about your vehicle’s location and its destination all through text messages or emails. GPS trackers are also easy to install by yourself, which make it convenient for you.
  1. Kill Switch

    Kill switches are the cheapest, simplest and most effective anti-theft devices that you could invest in. They work by preventing the flow of electricity from the vehicle’s ignition to the fuel pump or any other critical systems. The interruption prevents the robber from starting your car without flicking the switch. What makes a kill switch effective is that the interruption also prevents the robbers from completing the robbery quickly. The longer the theft takes, the higher the chances of becoming discouraged and moving on to the next vehicle.

    The key to ensuring that the kill switch effectively reduces theft is that it must be well hidden. If a thief can easily detect the kill switch, they will be able to disable the system and remove it from the vehicle, which would defeat the whole purpose of the device. You should install the kill switch close to your vehicle’s vital elements, such as under the driver’s seat or beneath the dashboard. You should receive professional help when installing the device as it requires a lot of work.
  1. Steering Wheel Lock

    Steering wheel locks are the best-known and oldest devices that have been used to prevent vehicle theft. The steering wheel lock is attached to your car’s steering wheel to lock it in place, which prevents robbers from driving away with your vehicle. There are two main styles for wheel locks. The first goes horizontally across the steering wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. The first style prevents the car’s wheels from turning very far. The second style is attached at the top of the steering wheel, where the end extends over the front dash and prevents the car’s wheels from turning.
  1. Tire Lock

    We have all probably seen tire locks as the police use them for illegally parked cars; however, they are also an effective anti-theft device. You could keep tire locks in your boot for when you need to use them. The only downside to using tire locks as anti-theft devices is that they can only be used when you know you will be parking your car for an extended amount of time. It could be time-consuming to attach tire locks each time you leave your vehicle for quick errands like buying a cup of coffee. The best method in that scenario would be to lock your car’s doors and ensuring that your windows are also closed. When you use a tire lock, ensure that you also invest in locking lug nuts, as anyone that has a spare wheel will be able to steal your car by removing the lock with the wheel on and replacing it with a new one.
  1. Audible Alarm

    Having an out-of-date car alarm can give thieves the perfect window to steal your car. Audible alarm systems can attract attention from other people as they vibrate loudly if anyone touches your vehicle. This makes them an effective anti-theft device as they would also bring attention to anyone trying to steal the car, which would discourage the thief as they would leave your vehicle. You should have your alarm systems installed by professionals. There is also the possibility that your car insurance company may reduce your premiums if you have an audible alarm system as there is added protection.


Anti-theft devices are the best layer of protection that you can add to improve the safety of your car. There are so many options available, whether mechanical or electronic, that will be able to accommodate your security needs and budget, allowing you to have peace of mind. 

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