4 Ways Trojan TX Offers Excellent Protection for Your Business

Business premises are always vulnerable to crime. But this is especially true when the business is closed for the day or a longer period. Empty buildings give criminals plenty of time to break in. Unless you have obstacles like security gates that block their way. Here’s why Trojan TX is a good choice of protection for businesses at all times.


What is Trojan TX?

Trojan TX is an expandable security gate that protects doors and windows from a break-in. It is part of the Trellidor range of sliding security gates, used to secure commercial premises as well as homes. It adds a strong, protective layer for the people, equipment, and stock inside. And it is a reassuring addition to any safety plan in place for the people inside commercial buildings.


How Trojan TX Protects a Business 


1. Trojan TX is a Barrier to Entry

A strong security gate like Trojan TX has several benefits. It provides an excellent level of protection but is one of the more affordable security gates produced in South Africa. This means company management can budget to fit the gates to all entry doors and a selection of internal doors too. 

Trojan TX can be manufactured to fit most openings in a commercial premises including windows. When all windows and strategic doors are protected by these gates, you create a challenging barricade to criminals.

Doors inside the business should also have strong security gates installed next to them. The idea behind this is that they are an extra layer of security. If criminals manage to break into the building, they will find more security gates to break through. This puts them under more pressure before they can get to the computers, stock, or anything else they are after.

The same idea applies to using retractable security gates as part of the company’s ‘safe zone’ plan. People in the building can hide in a safe zone secured by these Trellidor gates. They will be protected while they wait for help after a criminal invasion.

Trojan TX is useful protection when the premises are opened up for the day’s business. A closed and locked security gate gives staff a chance to check who is at the door, wanting to come inside. They can screen visitors and make sure it is safe to let them in.


2. Trojan TX Offers a Choice of Lock Types

One of the features of Trojan TX is that the gate can be fitted with a Deadlock or a Slamlock. Slamlock security gates lock automatically when you slam them shut. A dead lock gate is a security gate that needs a key to open and close it. Customers can choose which type of lock they prefer, and it will be fitted when the gate is made for the business.

The easy-to-use Trellidor security gate lock mechanism has one computer-cut key that locks several internal locking points at the same time. Criminals often try to break the security gate lock as a first point of attack. The Trojan TX lock is protected by a specially designed lock cover to prevent this happening. 

The choice of lock is a matter of preference. Both types of lock are designed to be tamper resistant and strong under attack.



3. Trojan TX is Always On Guard

Most security experts agree that a business should have several layers of security. If one fails, there are other layers to stop criminals from getting inside the building. The layers could include an alarm, armed response, sensor beams, and physical security barriers.

If there is a burglar alarm and armed response, criminals know exactly how much time they have to break in and take what they want. They then disappear before armed response or the police arrive. 

A strong physical barrier that blocks a doorway or window stops criminals in their tracks. It also throws out their timing because they have to try to break through the security gate to reach what they’ve come to steal. 

This makes commercial security gates like Trojan TX one of the most dependable forms of protection against crime for a business. Once closed and locked, these gates are a dependable barrier to crime.


4. Trojan TX has Built-in Strength

The Trojan TX benefits businesses because it has been designed to be strong under attack. Some of the features that create this strength are:

  • It is custom-made to fit the doorway properly
  • A full, four-sided frame provides strength and stability
  • It has a double row of upright with links that cross three uprights
  • A link assembly at the bottom of the gate strengthens the bottom track against attack
  • The gate is top hung for smooth gliding so that even large gates are easy to open and close
  • It has specially designed aluminium rivets for resistance during attack
  • It is made from galvanised steel which has been treated to resist corrosion
  • It is installed by trained technicians for an excellent fit that is hard for criminals to breach


A feature of Trojan TX is that it can be customised for each business. It can be fitted with a hinge up track to lift the bottom track up and out of the way. Or it can be made with a hinge away track that swings the gate stack to the side when the gate is open. Or it could be made as an angled unit that locks in a corner with no need for a pillar.

Like all Trellidor security barriers, the Trojan TX has been attack tested to make sure it is strong enough to protect business premises. It is one model in a range of Trellidor sliding security gate designs and is suitable for most locations. Highly sensitive businesses with extreme crime risk profiles may benefit from installing the internationally certified Trellidor retractable gates, but these come at a higher cost.




The Way Forward to Protect a Business from Crime

Expert help is always useful when developing a security plan for a business. There are Trellidor showrooms throughout South Africa staffed by experts that have many years of experience in this field. To help you make the right choice, they can show you the wide range of security barrier options on the market. They will also visit your business premises to do a free security assessment, followed by a plan for improvement. 


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