4 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home with Roller Shutters

During our beautiful South African summers it is hard to imagine needing to winter-proof our homes when the seasons change. But there are many parts of the country that have very cold winters. Our homes are generally not designed to keep the heat in, but there are some easy ways to do this.

One of the simplest ways is to make good use of aluminium roller shutters. They are not the first product we generally think of when considering what to use to protect doors and windows, either to stop cold weather from getting inside or to prevent criminals breaking in. But they are really versatile and multi-purpose.

Roller shutters provide protection from cold as well as criminals and the aluminium versions are highly suitable for homes. They also add value to your home, which is a compelling reason to add them to your home improvement list.

Here are four ideas from Trellidor on how to use roller shutters to winter-proof your home.

Seal draughty doors

Your doors may look like they fit perfectly, but they seldom do. Cold air finds its way in through the smallest of gaps, underneath the door or on the sides. Even solid-looking wood doors may not seal tightly enough to stop air seeping around them, particularly if they are not top-of-the-range.

The same could be true of aluminium doors. In fact, any door in your home that leads outside could be the culprit if your rooms are cold in winter.

Instead of fiddling with door sealers or those ‘sausage dogs’ that you make for the bottom of doors, why not try a solution like roller shutters for doors? They have many features that make them a multi-purpose home addition with benefits all year round.

Trellidor manufactures an aluminium roller shutter that is ideal for home use. Here’s why

Roller shutters features:

  1. Aluminium shutters are lightweight and less noisy than steel, making them more family friendly.
  2. Once down in the locked position, roller shutters seal off the door, helping to insulate the interior of the home.
  3. Locked down shutters provide an extremely strong barrier against house robbers.
  4. They can be fully automated and remote controlled, making them so easy to use.
  5. They can also be integrated into a smart home central control system.
  6. They do not have a bottom track, so there is no cutting into the floor or tiles to install them.
  7. They roll up inside narrow side-tracks that can be neatly recessed into the wall.
  8. They roll up into a compact shutter box, completely out of sight when you do not need them.
  9. With some forward planning, Trellidor can hide the shutter box in a ceiling cavity.
  10. They can be fitted inside or outside the house.
  11. Trellidor offers a wide range of powder coating options so that the shutters match your décor.
  12. The shutters can be retrofitted by Trellidor technicians.

Insulate windy windows

Roller shutters for windows also keep you warm inside in winter. Any window can leak warm air unless it is triple glazed and expertly fitted. This is especially true if your windows are the old steel variety but the same applies to other windows too. The shutters help seal the windows and stop the leakage.

The same roller shutter features described above apply to windows too. They fit neatly around your windows, either inside or outside, protecting you from more than just cold air. With roller shutters fitted to your windows you don’t need blinds or burglar proofing because they act as both.

In warmer areas you don’t even need curtains, but in colder places you might still like to have some heavy curtaining to warm up the room.

When closed, roller shutters provide a high level of protection. This makes them top of the list for homes in high crime risk suburbs, city centres, small holdings and larger farms. They’re also a good option for the homes of people that travel frequently, leaving their homes unoccupied and vulnerable.

Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters can be motorised and operated using a remote control. Several shutters can be controlled using one hand-held remote or wall mounted control panel. This makes opening and closing all your window roller shutters quick and easy.

Use your patio in winter with roller shutters

It is not just doors and windows that can be winter proofed by installing roller shutters. They are an excellent way of extending your living and entertainment area during the colder months.

Roller shutters fitted around your patio block out wind, rain and cold when they’re closed, so you can enjoy your patio no matter what the weather. If you have a patio with several sides, you can choose which shutters to close and which to leave open for the view, depending on where the bad weather is coming from.

Closed roller shutters lock down your patio entertainment space, so you can safely use this area at night. Criminals won’t be able to get into your home through them as the shutters are virtually impossible to lift up.

Create a safe zone with roller shutters

A safe zone is a year-round necessity, but if you install a roller shutter in your passage or on your staircase, it will block out the cold as well as intruders. In this way it helps keep your bedroom area warmer.

Roller shutter options for a safe zone include the following:

  1. A shutter with solid slats only, creating a protective aluminium ‘wall’.
  2. A shutter with mostly solid slats plus a viewing panel with punched slats. This won’t be as insulating as a shutter with all solid slats, but it does allow you to see what is happening on the other side of the roller shutter.

Roller shutters prices

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters are custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements. This means there is no standard price on roller shutters.

Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor franchises in South Africa and other countries around the world. They will gladly measure the opening and give you a quotation on roller shutters for your home.

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