4 Ways the Estate Shutter Can Enhance Your Home Decor

Internal louvre shutters are extremely popular as a window covering as well as for doors and room dividers and it is easy to see why. They are elegant, streamlined, and cost-effective. They enhance the décor of any type of home and security shutters in South Africa are a stylish way of keeping everyone safe. Here are four ways that estate shutters from Trellidor can add value to your home.


Update tired décor

Modern shutters are sleek and clean-lined. Once installed on doors and windows, they uplift even very dated interior décor. Aluminium shutters are a simple way of giving your home an instant facelift and providing protection at the same time.

Trellidor shutters are available in two versions, a high security shutter and an estate design that is less expensive but still provides a high standard of protection. The shutter strength you choose will depend on whether you live in a high crime risk area or a lower crime risk neighbourhood like a golf estate or gated community.


Get Creative with Colour

Window and door shutters give you the opportunity to show off your creativity with colour. White aluminium shutters are always going to be popular for their fresh, clean looks and ability to blend in with any colour scheme.

But current trends show that colours like black and charcoal are more in demand now. These bold colours make a statement and become a décor feature in themselves. They also work well with the black window and door frames that are fashionable for homes right now.

Trellidor has a range of colour options, so discuss these with your authorised Trellidor supplier before just opting automatically for white.



More than just an alternative to blinds

Security shutters like Trellidor estate shutters are one of those cost-effective décor items that give you great value for money because they are multipurpose. This means that they perform more than one function for you.

Firstly, they provide insulation. Use them to keep out heat in summer or the cold weather in winter. They also reduce noise coming in from the outside, which is very useful if you live in a cluster-style housing development with noisy neighbours.

Secondly, with Trellidor security shutters on your windows and doors, you don’t need burglar bars or a security gate. The shutters do an excellent job of keeping you safe inside once locked up. If you don’t need additional burglar proofing, you have less clutter in doorways and on windows, creating better visual flow in your home.

Thirdly, with aluminium louvre shutters on your windows, there is no need for additional blinds or curtains. The shutters are window coverings in their own right, providing a modern alternative to fussy window decoration.

And fourth, louvre shutters are a simple way of creating privacy from neighbours and anyone else passing by. You can choose the split of louvres together with your Trellidor supplier, and then you’ll be able to tilt them to create the level of privacy you prefer.

For example, you can request that the top half of the louvres are joined so that you can close them all at the same time to stop people being able to look into your home. Or keep the top half open and the bottom half closed.


An easy-to-use home improvement

We lead busy lives so anything that can make home life easier and more comfortable is welcome. Trellidor estate shutters and security shutters do just that.

These door and window shutters are beautifully streamlined, with all the operating mechanisms hidden inside. This means there are no levers or handles cluttering up the shutters and no extra bits to dust or wipe clean.

All Trellidor shutters go through a corrosion protection treatment, followed by world-class powder coating in a colour of your choice. The result is a smooth surface that is long lasting even in corrosive coastal conditions. This makes them a cost-effective home improvement.

A unique feature of Trellidor shutters is the lock that is fitted to them. It is user-friendly and uncomplicated, and you can lock or unlock the shutters from both sides. So if you have a shutter fitted to your front door or even your patio doors, you can lock them from the outside when you leave the house.

When you are home, you can just as easily lock the shutters from the inside. They protect you from a break-in and keep your possessions from petty theft, which happens even in secure estates.

A last point to consider is that our lifestyles have changed over the past few years, with many of us working from home for at least a few days a week. It can be difficult to create a separate work space with some privacy from the rest of the family members at home.



Modern aluminium shutters are a simple solution to this common problem. They make wonderful room dividers that can be moved to the side when you want to open up the room or closed when its time to get some work done. And due to their design, they add an element of sophistication to your home décor while doing their functional job for you.


Contact your nearest authorised Trellidor supplier to find out more about how estate shutters can enhance your home décor.


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