4 Reasons to Pick Roller Shutters As Your Office Safe Zone Barrier

Workplaces are as vulnerable to criminals as homes and perhaps more so as they are often open to the public. A designated safe zone that is well secured with barriers like roller shutter doors can save lives in the event of an attack. How well this haven from crime works will depend on the type of products chosen to create it. Here are some tips from Trellidor security experts.


What is a safe zone?

A safe zone is a place within a building that staff, customers and others on the premises can flee to and lock themselves in if threatened by criminals. The windows in this area usually have burglar bars on the windows and a strong door at the entryway, usually a passage.

If the business is in a high crime risk industry, such as jewellery manufacturer or pharmaceutical storage, the entire premises may need to permanently be secured as a safe zone while people work there. In this case, all doors and windows may be secured by products such as roller shutters.

People that work from home may need to create a safe zone to keep themselves safe, especially if their offices are in an out building away from the main house. These workplaces require barriers on the windows and doors to create a complete safe zone.

A properly protected safe haven will have strong barriers that stop the criminals from getting to the people inside. Windows need burglar bars, including some that open if an escape through them becomes necessary. Exit doors must have barriers blocking access to the intruders.

To seal off this area, the passage, staircase, or entry door should have a strong, easy to operate door that literally brings down the shutters on the intruders. Security roller shutters are one of the most commonly recommended products by security experts for this layer of  safe zone protection.



Here are four reasons why experts recommend roller shutters as safe zone barriers:

  1. Roller shutter doors are easy to close in an emergency
    When everyone is in panic mode, you need an easy way of closing and locking a safe zone door. Trellidor shutters can be motorised and remote controlled, which means they can be brought down by simply touching a button. There are no locks or keys to worry about.Motor options include solar power, manual override, and battery back-up, so if there is a power outage, the roller shutters can still be operated. This is critical in South Africa where people experience long periods without power.


  1. Roller shutter doors lockdown the safe zone until help arrives
    A locked down roller shutter is extremely hard to lift once it is closed. Some models, such as the Trellidor Rollerstyle LDS65 are virtually impossible to lift up due to the innovative technology used to create them.What this means is that the people in the safe haven behind the security shutter are protected from the criminals on the other side. They have time to call for help, either from the police or their security service provider.  Or they can wait it out in their safe zone until the criminals have finished ransacking the premises and leave.


  1. Roller shutters are safe to use in public spaces
    The design of Trellidor roller shutters makes it ideal for public spaces. There is no bottom track, meaning the bottom of the shutter rests on the floor when it is lowered. No bottom track means no tripping hazard and it is also wheelchair friendly.The shutters are made from aluminium, so they are lighter than steel doors and not as noisy. They are corrosion resistant, and powder coated to a sleek, long-lasting finish so that they do not become an eyesore.

    The overhead shutter box can be recessed into a ceiling cavity in a new building or one undergoing alteration, where provision can be made for this. This keeps the shutter out of sight until it is required. The side tracks can also be recessed into the walls if desired.


  1. Trellidor offers a range of custom-made models
    Not every workplace is at high risk from criminal invasion and not every company can afford to install top-of-the-range security doors for a safe zone. And not every roller shutter is the same, even though they may look similar. Trellidor provides a range so that there is a solution for every business.The roller shutter picked for the safe zone within an office will be influenced by the crime risk profile of the business and the budget available for security. The Trellidor range includes single and double walled curtains and different sized slats. There is also a lockdown shutter with innovative technology that locks the shutter down so tightly that even a forklift can’t raise it up.


Which roller shutter is best for your workplace?

The choice of roller shutter for a workplace safe zone depends on the likelihood of a criminal invasion. If there are high value items on the premises, such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or jewellery, then a Trellidor Rollerstyle LDS65 is the best way to go.

On the other hand, a home office that does not contain goods of this nature would be more than adequately secured with a single wall roller shutter. A safe zone is created by simply keeping the shutter closed during working hours. After hours, the shutter doubles up as burglar proofing.

Trellidor security experts customise all the Rollerstyle roller shutter models, which means a visit to the premises. They measure the openings to be protected, advise on the best model to choose, and order the shutter or shutters for the safe zone. Trained technicians fit the manufactured shutter and make sure it is in good working order before handing it over to the company.


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