4 Reasons to Pick Burglar Guard for Your Commercial Property

All commercial properties need security, whether they are office buildings, public spaces, warehouses or manufacturing facilities. This is to protect the people, products, equipment and other assets within these buildings from theft or damage. Protection requires a multi-layered approach, with burglar guards forming a primary layer of physical security.

Physical security barriers block windows and doors, helping to prevent easy access into a commercial property by criminals. With barriers on all openings, criminals have to be prepared to make a noisy attempt at breaking in, risking discovery by security services.

Other protective layers include perimeter security, external and internal movement sensors, cameras, security patrols, and armed response.

Important burglar guard features for commercial properties

There are many types of burglar guard designs on the market. When choosing burglar guards for commercial buildings, the correct combination of the following elements needs to be taken into account:

  • Appropriate strength for the level of crime in the area. Many burglar guards look similar, but they are not all manufactured to the same level of strength under attack. Some are installed simply as a deterrent while others are designed to be robust enough to resist a concerted attack.
  • Cost is an important factor. For example, in a building with many windows to secure, the cost of a top-of-the-range burglar guard design may be prohibitive. In situations like this, it makes sense to select a range of designs, with high-quality burglar guards to be fitted to vulnerable or sensitive areas and less expensive ones to less accessible windows.
  • Quality of fit. Off-the-shelf burglar guards may not fit the space snugly, leaving weak points that are easily broken through by criminals. Custom-made and fitted products are obviously stronger in this respect because they are usually installed with tamper-proof fixings.
  • Product quality. This is affected by manufacturing methods such as pre-treatment against corrosion, which improves the lifespan of burglar guards. Corrosion weakens burglar guards, so products that are corrosion and UV-resistant are longer lasting.
  • Realistic guarantees or warranties. What you want is dependable after-sales service, not fantastic promises that the manufacturer cannot (or has no intention of) delivering on. If a guarantee seems too good to be true, it probably is, so make sure your supplier provides you with assurances that you can call on if needed.
  • If the appearance of a building is part of the company’s corporate identity, can your manufacturer powder coat the burglar guards in a suitable color from the designated color palette?

Security barrier manufacturer Trellidor produces a range of window burglar guards called simply ‘Burglar Guard’. It is a no-nonsense design that ticks all these boxes, providing all the benefits you need from burglar guards for commercial properties.

Trellidor Burglar Guard comes in an interesting range of colours including white, bronze sand, light brown, aluminium, charcoal and black. Special colours are available on request, allowing you to choose a colour to best suit your decor or your corporate colours.

Here are four reasons to pick Burglar Guard for your commercial property:

  1. Price

It is advisable to protect every single window within a commercial property so that there are no easy-access points for criminals. Securing an entire building can be extremely expensive, but Trellidor Burglar Guard is well-priced and within most budgets.

This makes Burglar Guard a good solution for commercial properties that have a large number of windows and the cost of controlling access into the building through open windows is not out of reach.

Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Burglar Guard is custom-made to fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price. These burglar bars are available through authorized Trellidor franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give a quotation.

  • Quality

Being realistically priced does not mean compromising on the quality of burglar bars and putting people’s lives at risk. Trellidor Burglar Guard is custom-made to a high standard and comes out of the same factory that produces high-end, internationally certified products used in high risk areas like underground train stations.

Burglar Guard performs well under attack tests and is a good access control option for locations where crime is a concern. These include premises inside secure industrial parks; upper floor windows; office blocks with strict access control at the entrance; and windows that are hard to reach.

It stands to reason that in high crime risk locations such as ground floor windows in an isolated building close to escape routes like a freeway, you would have to install burglar guards designed for high crime risk areas.

  • Style options

Burglar Guard is a versatile form of burglar proofing and provides options in terms of how it is manufactured and installed. The choice enables you to find the correct fit for all the windows in the commercial property. You may decide on different options for windows in the various areas of the building or choose the same option for all windows.

The style options for Burglar Guard burglar bars are:

  • Internal fit i.e. inside the commercial property.
  • External fit i.e. outside the commercial property.
  • Face-on, which means fixed to the wall around each window.
  • In the reveal, which is the space into which the window fits.
  • Horizontally.
  • Vertically.
  • Single trellis design.
  • Double trellis design.
  • Flat bar design.
  • Custom-made

Burglar Guard is custom-made by Trellidor for each window in the commercial property. This means a high-quality fit that is strong and robust, improving the security of the building.

A Trellidor security expert measures each window and orders each Burglar Guard to fit that window. A certified technician installs each Burglar Guard, using tamper-proof fixings for increased resistance to attack.

Customised products from a reputable company like Trellidor carry warranties against defective workmanship, materials used and corrosion, so if any problems arise, you are assured of reliable after-sales service.

‘Custom-made’ also refers to the fact that the Trellidor security expert will create a security plan to suit the needs of each commercial property. This includes different product ranges for each area within the premises, depending on its use and vulnerability.

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