4 Reasons Retractable Security Gates Are Ideal for your Passages

Sliding gates in your passage are an effective way of keeping your family safe. They lock up your bedroom area at night. They stop intruders getting into this part of your home when the house is unoccupied. And they keep you safe if intruders break inside while you’re home. There are other options for passages, but here are four reasons why sliding security gates are ideal.

  1. Strong and reliable protection

    Whether they’re made from galvanised steel or structural aluminium, custom made sliding security gates provide a high level of protection from intruders.

    Purchase them from a reliable manufacturer with dependable quality controls in place, because DIY or cheaply made sliding gates just cannot do the same job of protecting you as good quality ones.

    Once closed and locked, well-made retractable security gates for passages are a simple, easy solution to stop house breakers from getting to you.

    The Trellidor range includes a selection of models, so homeowners can choose the one that best fits their needs and budget. There are internationally certified designs for high crime risk locations and others that are more suited to lower crime risk areas.

    All Trellidor retractable gates lock in several places inside the lock stile. You don’t see all these locking points because they only need one lock to activate them. But they are there, providing strong resistance to any attempt to attack the gate.

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  1. Easy to operate

    There is nothing complicated about sliding gates. They slide open and closed inside a track and stack to the side when you need to walk through the passage. It is a simple security solution with just one job and that is to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

    There are, however, a few design features to look out for when making your choice of sliding security gate supplier. These are:
  • A full, four-sided frame. A gate that doesn’t have a full frame will be wobbly and won’t slide easily. It’s tempting to leave frustrating security gates open, which defeats their purpose of protecting you.
  • A single lock. Some gates have more than one lock, which is a nuisance to use and weakens the gate if you don’t lock them all. A single lock is simpler and you’re more likely to lock up properly.
  • Rust, corrosion, and UV resistance. The manufacturing process should include treatments and high-quality powder coating so that the gates last a long time and don’t stick in an emergency.
  • Solid construction. Manufacturers that skimp on strengthening features create gates that are flimsy even when closed and locked. Check that the gate you choose is sturdy and robust.
  1. Custom made for your home

    If you decide to go with custom-made retractable security for passages, you get a gate that fits the space perfectly. This makes it more secure as well as more user-friendly.

    For example, when the gate is open, it stacks to the side. You don’t want that stack to take up too much space in the passage because it will be awkward to use. Customised gates can be made to fit a narrow passage face-on, around it rather than inside it. This leaves ample space for the stack as well as people moving through the passage.

    In the opposite case, if you have a very wide passage or perhaps a staircase, two gates can be fitted. They slide towards each other and lock in the middle. When open, each gate stacks to the side, leaving more than enough space to create excellent flow.

    Other customised features offered by Trellidor include:
  • Cut in tracks to avoid tripping.
  • A choice of powder coating paint to match décor colour palettes.
  • Trellidor offers deadlock security gates as well as slam lock security gates.
  • You can choose whether to have the gates keyed-alike i.e. all the Trellidor retractable gate locks in your home can have the same key number and can be used to operate any of the gates.
  • Or each gate can be supplied with a different key number.
  1. Match your burglar bars

    If you’ve decided to install a retractable security gate in your passage, you will need burglar proofing on your bedroom windows too. This creates a ‘safe zone’ beyond the passage gate to protect you when you need it.

    Trellidor makes retractable security gates for windows so that they match your passage gate. The advantage of this is that in an emergency, while your passage gate is blocking intruders out of your safe zone, you can make an escape through one of your windows.

    There is also a range of fixed burglar guards that match the passage gates if you prefer these. All your gates and burglar guards can be powder coated in the same colour so that they blend into your home.

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