4 Reasons Clear Guard is an Excellent Pick for Your Office

The office environment is not always designed for human comfort. This may apply even in newer buildings, where architectural appeal, décor and interior design are prioritised over how it works for those that spend most of their day there. Heat, noise, privacy, and personal safety may be compromised. Clear Guard stainless steel mesh screens are a practical solution to all these issues and more.

Clear Guard is a custom-made screen designed for doors, windows, and passages. It has a woven, stainless steel mesh panel inside an aluminium frame. The screen or panel is see-through, so it does not impact on the visual flow within the office building.

Trellidor manufactures Clear Guard security screens in South Africa. As the leading manufacturer of security barriers in the country, the screens have in-built strength that makes them high-quality security barriers, but that is not all they are designed for.

Here are four Trellidor Clear Guard features that make them ideal for offices:

  1. Climate control and energy savings

    Security screens for offices, fitted to the inside of windows and doors, help to control the internal climate. The coated and woven steel mesh screen deflects harsh sunlight, keeping the interior cooler and reducing reliance on air conditioning.

    The mesh allows some airflow into the building, so windows and doors can be left open to refresh the air inside the offices.

    Both these aspects of Clear Guard make the office environment more comfortable for those working inside.
  1. Safety and security

    Clear Guard is not your average ‘fly screen.’ It is a well-designed and thoroughly tested security barrier that provides controlled access into an office building.

    Because the mesh is see-through, people inside the office building can see who is approaching the building or their office. The mesh provides a high degree of privacy, because it is not easy to see through it into the building, although those inside can clearly see the outside.

    These lockable, high tensile mesh door and window barriers were developed to be strong enough to be a protective defence against a wide range of dangers such as:
  • Missiles thrown at windows and doors during street protests.
  • Criminals trying to break into a building through doors and windows, using whatever tools they bring with them.
  • Disgruntled members of the public simply walking into to an office building through unprotected doors and causing destruction.
  1. Good looking as well as functional

    Clear Guard mesh screens are streamlined and uncluttered. Each unit is custom-made to fit the opening for a neat, secure installation that does not negatively affect the style of the building.

    It is so well designed that people in these spaces do not even realise that there is protection on the windows and doors. This makes Clear Guard perfect for locations where appearances matter, for example:
  • Upmarket offices.
  • The hospitality industry, such as hotels and bush lodges. Here, health and safety regulations play a part, because the Clear Guard blocks out health hazards such as birds and flies.
  • Hospitals, particularly in upper floors where there is a danger of patients falling out of windows.
  • Any office where staff are face-to-face with members of the public. The see-through stainless steel mesh screens provide a safe buffer for staff while allowing them to interact easily with customers.
  • Any location that has a problem with monkeys, baboons, flies, mosquitoes, and other animals. The mesh stops them all from getting inside.
  • The mesh helps to deaden some of the noise coming in from the outside of an office building.
  1. Durable and cost-effective over the long term

    Trellidor Clear Guard screens are manufactured with the same attention to detail and strength expected of all products that come out of this factory. This increases their lifespan, making them cost-effective for any business.

    The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances the corrosion and UV resistance of Clear Guard. This combined with the high-quality powder coating helps to retain its quality finish, whether they’re installed inland or at the coast.

    Easy to follow cleaning instructions help to preserve the finish of the Clear Guard units, keeping them looking beautiful for years and enhancing the building façade.

    Every installation carries a warranty against defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion. The fact that Trellidor has been in business for over 45 years provides reassurance that the company will continue to uphold these warranties for customers.

    Trellidor offers two versions of Clear Guard, each suitable for different customer requirements. They are manufactured in a variety of configurations to suit the window or door. The two options are:
  • Clear Guard, suitable for medium to high crime risk locations.
  • GriffinGuard, a lower priced design that is suitable for lower crime risk locations.

These two ranges look similar, so it makes sense to contact a Trellidor security consultant to see the differences before making a decision on which to choose for an office application.

Take a look at these Clear Guard office installations for inspiration:

  • Mandela Museum Umtata

    Trellidor Clear Guard was installed to the outside of these sash windows. The screens do not affect the opening and closing of the windows, but they do protect the artefacts inside from theft as well as damage from the harsh UV-rays of the sun.
  • Samsung offices in Roodepoort

    Trellidor Clear Guard is fitted on the inside of the lower row of windows. They allow customers and staff clear views of the outside and help to moderate the internal temperature of the offices.
  • King Edward Hospital in Durban

    Trellidor Clear Guard has a dual function on these windows at King Edward Hospital. They keep pigeons out of the canteen area, where they would otherwise be a health hazard, and they also help to cool the kitchen down.
  • Humansdorp Hotel reception desk

A Trellidor Clear Guard fixed screen protects staff in the reception area from intruders looking for cash. Customers are able to communicate easily with staff through the screen without feeling cut off. There is also a small cut out section for the exchange of money and documents.

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