4 Best Spots to Place Your Business Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential component of any business’s security strategy. They’ve been shown to reduce employee and customer theft, reduce time-wasting behaviours, and aid in the identification of suspects in a burglary. However, the positioning of these cameras is critical. Why have a camera if you’re pointing it in the wrong direction? Here are some of the best places in your business to install security cameras.


Benefits of Security Cameras

If you’re thinking about installing surveillance cameras in your business, here are the top ways they can help your company, employees, and bottom line.

  • Effective theft prevention systemWhat is the most effective theft deterrent in which a company can invest? Surveillance cameras! Surveillance cameras were found to be the most effective way to deter theft in a survey of over 400 burglars. If they knew there were security cameras on the premises, 60% of those polled said they would avoid that target or find another.
  • Discourages shopliftersSecurity cameras not only deter shoplifting, but they can also help catch shoplifters in the act. A smartphone or other mobile device can be used to remotely access many security cameras. So, if you notice someone suspicious lurking around your business, you can watch them on one of your security cameras in silence. If a theft occurs, you can apprehend the perpetrators before they flee with the merchandise.
  • Increase workplace safetySecurity cameras are essential for workplace safety. They assist you in monitoring conditions and identifying potential workplace hazards or behaviours that could result in workplace injuries. They also play a role in training; if an incident is captured on camera, the footage can provide insight into the factors that led up to the incident and help you take the appropriate course of action, such as increased training or changing current processes.
  • Discourages employee theftEmployee theft is a major source of lost revenue for businesses of all sizes and falls under the umbrella of employee fraud. Employee theft accounts for an estimated 7% of a company’s annual revenue loss. Security cameras in your business help to protect against fraud by discouraging employee theft. Employees who are aware that the business is being watched by cameras are less likely to steal on the job.


Locations for Business Security Camera Installation

While setting up cameras technically isn’t difficult, deciding where to strategically place cameras is a whole different story. If you choose the best locations, you may be able to reduce the number of cameras, lowering installation, software, and hardware costs. With that in mind, let’s look at the best places for businesses to install security cameras.

  • ExteriorOf course, the average business’s assets aren’t kept outside the building, but crime often begins outside. External security cameras would not only protect the cars in the parking lot, but they would also keep an eye on employees when they received shipments at loading docks. The cameras could record licence plate numbers, aid law enforcement in the recovery of stolen goods, and give employees who work late a sense of security as they enter the darkened parking lot.
  • Reception 

    Because the reception area in most businesses is heavily trafficked, it should be monitored by a security camera. If you prefer, you can do it subtly because modern technology has made cameras so small that they can easily be blended into your décor.

    A security camera could be concealed in frames, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, clocks, or any other location. 

  • Storage areas 

    Storage rooms are used by many businesses to store office equipment, products, various paperwork, and a variety of other company-related items. Of course, this is dependent on the nature of the business. However, if you have any storage rooms, you must install cameras inside.

    Nobody wants to consider possible theft scenarios. It is, however, better to be safe than sorry. The mere presence of a camera in a storage room eliminates any negative thoughts about the misappropriation of company assets.

  • Offices 

    Security cameras in offices protect employees while also increasing productivity and efficiency. If the office is divided into cubicles, it will be impossible to cover every square inch of the space. The best method is to either place cameras on the ceiling to provide an overview of the cubicles or place them in the room’s corners.

    This is entirely dependent on your goals and your budget. According to home security experts, cameras placed in the room’s corners are preferable. They can cover the entire area. Cameras mounted on the ceiling are a more efficient option for cubicles. If you have a limited budget, ceiling cameras that cover the entire ceiling are a better option because they allow for more precise recordings.


These four locations should be your top priority when it comes to installing security cameras for businesses. Again, if your budget allows, you can install additional cameras in other areas. However, it is best to concentrate on your company’s requirements. Make a plan with a security advisor before beginning this project.

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