4 Attributes That Make Cottage Guard Perfect for Your Large Windows

Trellidor Cottage Guard is a burglar bar design that can be made to match cottage pane windows. It can also be made for very large windows of any type. It is one of the strongest burglar-proofing products on the market, so is well worth considering for your window security. It has many worthwhile attributes, but here are four cottage guard benefits to consider when making your decision.

  1. Custom-made to fit the window

    Each cottage guard burglar bar unit can be made for windows measuring 250mm to 2500mm wide and 235mm to 2500mm high.

    If a window is bigger than the maximum sizes, then the space will be divided up into several units to suit the configuration of the window or windows. Because the units are fully framed, multiple units line up very neatly next to each across the window or windows.

    Window security that is custom-made like these Trellidor burglar bars can be made to fit any type of window. Older homes used to only have burglar bars fitted to the parts of the window that opened and no protection on the large pane of glass between the open windows.

    With crime so rife these days, the large glass sections in between the opening sections are equally vulnerable to being attacked. Cottage Guard can be made to fit the entire window, keeping the occupants safe inside even if the windows are smashed.

    Customisation includes making the Cottage Guard gaps the same size as those of cottage guard windows so that you hardly notice the burglar proofing is there. These gap sizes, however, should be kept within the maximum limits recommended by your insurance company. Gaps that are too large defeat the purpose of burglar proofing because a small person could squeeze through them and into your home.


  1. Exceptionally strong window security

    One of the most important Trellidor Cottage Guard benefits is that it incredibly strong. These burglar bars are manufactured from square aluminium tubing, reinforced with an M6 threaded mild steel bar through the centre of each tube with a joining cruciform.

    This burglar bar design puts up effective resistance to multidirectional forces during an  attack and provides a high level of security. There are few products on the market that compare in terms of strength under attack.

    Each unit is fully framed and fixed into the substrate surrounding the window, providing additional strength and protection. They are installed without any welding, so there are no weak points that may corrode.  
  1. Neat design in a wide range of colour choices

    The full, four-sided frame and square tubing results in a neat burglar bar design that fits any décor style. Gap sizes can be customised to match cottage pane windows so that the burglar proofing is unnoticeable.

    Cottage Guard in trendy colours like charcoal and black can be used for large panes of glass in modern settings. They also work well with the clean-lined industrial loft-style windows in steel or aluminium that are increasingly popular in new homes. Cottage Guard is the perfect burglar proofing for these architectural styles.

    This type of burglar proofing is versatile enough to also fit in well with more traditional style homes with cottage pane windows in wood, either natural and varnished or painted white. The Cottage Guard colour palette is able to match both these options.
  1. Window security with a long lifespan

    All Trellidor products, including Cottage Guard, are manufactured in the Trellidor LPCB audited factory. The manufacturing process includes etching and pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion resistance before undergoing powder coating with a UV resistant polyester coating.

    This process helps to retain the high-quality finish of each burglar guard. It also increases the lifespan of the Trellidor Cottage Guard because these burglar guards do not discolour or weaken due to exposure to harsh weather or to most common household cleaning detergents.

    These attributes make Cottage Guard units suitable for either internal or external installation in both coastal and inland conditions, and they will give you many years of dependable protection.

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