3 Optional Louvre Shutters Design Features You Can Go With

Aluminium window shutters have found their way into many homes in South Africa. These louvre shutters are perfectly suited to the climate, blocking out the cold and wind when closed and letting in light and air when open. Trellidor Louvre Shutterss offer several optional design features so that you can customise them for your home.

But first, let’s look at why these Trellidor shutters are called ‘security shutters’ because there is a confusing array of similar shutters on the market.

The main point to remember is that although many louvre shutters are advertised as ‘security shutters’ most of them have minimal security features. In many cases it simply means that the shutters are lockable, but they may not have been designed to withstand a serious attack on them by intruders.

The type of louvre shutter that is both decorative and strong enough to be classed as dependable security has in-built strength and is designed to hold up to a hammering by burglars trying to break into your home.

Trellidor is known as the home of the strongest security barriers. Trellidor Louvre Shutterss were designed with the same strength integrity as the company’s retractable security gates and other high-quality products.

The aluminium louvres are all reinforced with an internal threaded steel rod for added strength. They provide protection even when the louvres are in the open position. The shutters are fitted with patented Trellidor locking systems. This means that the louvres can be safely opened for air and light when the shutters are closed and locked.

If you do not need a high level of protection, then take a look at the more budget-friendly Trellidor Estate Shutter.

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Trellidor Louvre Shutters optional design features

Aluminium louvre shutters are custom-made for each window. The configuration of each shutter will depend on the type of window they are fitted to, how big the window is, and where the window handles, and other hardware are positioned.

The range of configurations includes:

  • Bi-fold shutters to match bi-fold windows
  • Floating bi-fold shutters for windows
  • Sliding shutters for sliding windows
  • Shutters that match French windows with two matching shutters that lock where they meet in the middle
  • Hinged shutters for single windows

There are also the following 3 optional premium shutter design features you can go with:

Customised frame widths

Trellidor aluminium exterior or interior louvre shutters can be designed to accommodate the unique dimensions of different apertures, no matter how large.  This means they can be manufactured to fit different types of openings in a home, including windows, doors, patios, and room dividers.

Depending on the type of configuration chosen, shutters made by Trellidor can cover anything between 300mm wide to way past the recommended 12m wide. The same applies to the height of the shutter, so the louvre shutter can made for openings that measure anything between 400mm high to more than 3000mm high.

Security shutters in South Africa often have to be made in these larger formats because the good weather encourages homeowners to install big windows that allow in lots of light and air. Trellidor can customise the shutter frame widths to fit these windows.

Reveal or face-on fit

A ‘reveal’ fit is where the louvre shutter is fitted into the recess between the window itself and the inner edge of the space into which the window fits. A reveal is best described as the space surrounding your window, both inside and outside the window.

If the reveal space is wide enough, your louvre shutter can be fitted into this space, placed next to the window itself inside, this space. It is a very neat, streamlined installation that suits both modern and traditional home styles.

Many modern homes, however, have very narrow reveals or no reveals at all. The windows are fitted right on the edge of the window space, flush with the walls. In homes like these, the louvre shutters will be fitted ‘face-on’.

A face-on fit is where the louvre shutter is fixed to the wall around the window instead of inside the recess space. This type of installation can make the window look larger, which is often seen as a benefit.

A face-on fit lets you get creative with your louvre shutters because you can add decorative mouldings to the outside shutter frame, adding some personality to your window treatments.

Your security shutter supplier will be able to give you advice on which type of installation is best suited to the windows in your home.

Internal or external installation

With Trellidor, you can choose whether to have your premium shutters fitted inside or outside each window. Your preference will be influenced by factors such as:

  • There are blinds and/or curtains inside that you want to keep, so the shutters would be installed on the outside to avoid further clutter inside.
  • Or you have no blinds, curtains, or burglar bars, so you need the shutters on the inside to do the job of all three types of window treatment.
  • You may prefer the more continental style of home, with the shutters fitted outside as they are in countries like Italy and France, perhaps in a bold, statement colour.
  • Or you like the convenience of an inside installation, where you can easily access the shutters to open or close the louvres and lock the shutters when needed.
  • If you live close to a beachfront or in a polluted city, you should consider an internal installation to avoid the corrosive effects of sea air or acid rain.
  • An inside installation is generally considered a safer option because intruders have to break through the window before attacking the security shutters. This is a noisy, time-consuming exercise that often puts them off trying.

There will other, more technical issues that will influence whether the louvre shutter installation is internal or external, so consult your expert supplier before making your choice.

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