3 Optional Design Features Your Louvre Shutterss Could Have

Aluminium louvre shutters are a popular window treatment and there are many different products on the market from which to choose. They all look fairly similar but have unique features and benefits that make them either just decorative shutters or security shutters that keep out intruders and cover your windows.

Premium shutters optional features

Many people prefer a security shutter because it is an all-in-one blind and burglar proofing. When doing your research before making your purchase, ask your potential suppliers to point out the features and benefits of their particular shutter. Brands differ in what they offer and you need to be sure that you’re getting what you want.

Your shutter can be designed to suit your needs in the following three ways:

  1. Customized frame widths

    The width of the security shutter frame can be customized to fit the space the unit has to fit into for a more attractive installation.
  1. Reveal or face-on fit

    The shutter can be fitted inside the window or door space or to the wall surrounding the window or door. Your choice will depend on how much space is available within the reveal. Newer homes often have a very narrow space, which means a face-on fit could be the only option. Either way, the shutter looks very neat and classy once fitted.
  1. Internal or external installation

    Security shutters made from aluminium can be fitted inside the home or outside as they don’t rust. Even though aluminium lasts better than most metals at the coast, however, it is advisable to fit your security shutters internally if possible.

    This is because firstly, they will last longer in good condition. Secondly, robbers will have to break through windows or doors first before being confronted with another barrier to entry: your security shutters. This is a bigger deterrent to them than an external installation, where the shutters are easier to attack.

Here are three more features that security shutters may or may not have

  1. Uncluttered appearance

    Some security shutters have an external rod that links the louvre slats together. You open and close the louvres using this rod. Others, like Trellidor security shutters, have all the mechanisms hidden inside the shutter so that there is no external clutter. It makes the shutter neat and attractive, which many customers are looking for in terms of security shutter features.
  1. Choice of connected louvres

    Some security shutters have all the louvres connected together, which means that if you tilt one louvre, you tilt them all. Others, like Trellidor Louvre Shutterss, give you the option of how many louvre panels you want joined together. This means that you can choose, for example, to split the number of louvres in half. You can then keep the bottom louvre panels closed for privacy from the street while the top ones are open for air and light.
  1. Strong, accessible locks

    Aluminium louvre shutter designs don’t all have the same type of locking system. Some use locking pins, some use little knobs that you turn, while others have proper locking systems with keys. A security louvre shutter should have a good quality, easy to use lock so that the unit acts as a security barrier, not just a pretty window treatment.

    The patented lock fitted to Trellidor security shutters is strong under attack. It is accessible from both sides of the shutter, making it easy to lock or unlock from either side. This means that if you have an aluminium shutter fitted to a door, you can easily lock or unlock it when you leave home or when you return.

Premium shutters benefits

Security shutters have many benefits for beautiful homes apart from just being a gorgeous window treatment.

  1. Suitable for any opening

    They’re a fresh alternative to glass doors on a patio, or they can be fitted next to glass doors as an added layer of security. Fit them to windows and forget about having to order blinds and burglar bars because you won’t need them. Use security shutters as classy room dividers. Install them in your lounge instead of curtains.  They’re also an ideal choice for bathrooms.
  1. Custom-made for a perfect fit

    Unlike DIY or off-the-shelf burglar bars, security shutters are custom-made by the manufacturer to fit the space tightly. This ensures the aluminium shutter is strong under attack, should a burglar try to break through. Made-to-measure products are generally neater than others because they’re specially manufactured for the opening and fitted by an expert, who makes sure the security shutter fits properly and securely.
  1. Multi-purpose and cost-effective

    Security shutters can replace blinds, curtains and security barriers in one lovely product. If you prefer a more traditional look and want to add curtaining, the shutters will blend in beautifully. Modern homes, however, tend to be more streamlined, and security shutters fit the brief of being multi-purpose and therefore easier on the pocket in the long term.
  1. Privacy and light control

    Louvre security shutters create privacy and block out a degree of light.  It must be noted, though, that no matter who manufactures them, louvre shutters do not provide a complete black-out in terms of light seepage. Customers need to be aware of this if choosing them for bedrooms or multi-media rooms.
  1. Access control

    When closed and locked, security shutters provide access control. They stop opportunistic thieves from getting inside and taking their chances by stealing anything lying around that they fancy. The slats help to keep monkeys out of your home. And the shutters do all this without having to be closed completely. Simply tilt the slats to let in air and light and lock them to make sure no-one can open them.
  1. Permitted in estate homes

    It is always tricky to find security barriers that are allowed in estates with strict rules prohibiting visible security on doors and windows. This is in spite of the fact that robbery still happens in these secure estates.

    Security shutters provide the perfect solution because they don’t look anything like conventional burglar bars or security gates. They look like other louvre shutters but have the added benefit of providing protection with style.

Premium shutters formats

Trellidor manufactures security shutters in the following formats:

  1. Bi-fold doors and window units.
  2. Sliding doors and windows.
  3. French doors and windows.
  4. Hinged doors and windows.

This range of formats allows Trellidor franchises to design the best type of Trellidor Louvre Shutters unit for your door and window. It won’t interfere with the handles and other hardware on your door or windows.

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