Winter Home Security Improvements to Think About

The COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa is easing off slowly as we head into winter 2020, but it is not all good news. Those in the security industry are predicting a spike in poverty-related crime such as house breaking and robbery, especially during daytime because of the 8pm to 5am curfew. To make sure you’re prepared to keep your home safe during winter, read on for home security tips.

Winter home security tips for improvements

One of the biggest trends marketers are forecasting is that people are going to be spending a lot more time at home once the COVID-19 crisis eases. We’ve become used to being at home more and have begun to enjoy it, with many of us getting into DIY projects and home improvements.

We’re also apparently going to be spending our money more wisely. Again, this has been influenced by the lockdown due to the pandemic. Those still bringing in an income have spent less of it and we like having savings in the bank. We’re out of the habit of splurging on clothes, restaurants, take-aways and other items that we now see as unnecessary.

The growing interest in home improvements shows that we see the value in it, both from a financial point of view as well as because it makes being confined to our homes more comfortable.

People stuck at home have been reassessing their security measures too. It’s amazing what you see when you’re looking at your home 24/7! Those rusted security gates and burglar guards that you never noticed before, for example, look decidedly unsafe when you see them while playing in the garden with the children.

Home security tips that we’ve all glossed over in the past are now a critical part of our home improvement program.

Home security ideas from Trellidor to work on this winter   

Make a start on making your home safer this winter by following the steps listed below. You’ll feel far more secure in your home office and happier that your children are protected when you have to leave them at home.

  1. Check all your security gates and burglar guards for signs of wear and tear.  Replace any that are rusted or weak because poor quality burglar proofing is easily broken by housebreakers.
  1. Install burglar proofing to any windows that are not protected, even if they look inaccessible. Housebreakers will get in through any unsecured window, no matter how small or high up.
  1. Fit good security gates to any unsecured entry doors, including the door from the garage into the house. Always keep these gates closed and locked. Yes, it’s a nuisance, but it is terrifying how often robbers just walk into a home through doors with either no security gate or a gate that has been left unlocked.
  1. Create a ‘safe zone’ inside your home, especially if you can’t afford to fit burglar proofing on all your doors and windows.  A safe zone is usually the bedroom section. It has burglar guards on all windows and a security gate in the passage.  You’ll be safer at night when sleeping inside your safe zone. Install at least one security barrier that can be opened to a window in your safe zone, so that you can use it as an escape route if there is a fire or home invasion.
  1. Keep all your security barriers closed and locked at all times, even when you are home. With housebreaking predicted to happen more often during the day, it makes sense to put up with having to unlock gates when moving in and out of your home. Teach your children to do this too.
  1. Another task that we often neglect is to check that your back up batteries are still capable of operating for several hours. We’ve been told that power outages may increase after lockdown eases, so you need to ensure that your electronic security systems will still work when there is no electricity. This includes driveway gates, alarms, panic alarms, automated security doors, movement sensors and security cameras.
  1. While you’re out there cleaning up the garden, don’t forget to trim shrubbery and trees around the perimeter. Bushy areas make excellent hiding places for robbers. Tidy up tools and toys so that you don’t leave any convenient ‘weapons’ lying around outside.
  1. Lighting is another important part of your home security. Do you have lights around the house that light up the shrubbery and anyone that may be lurking in it? Is it all in good working order or do you need to replace bulbs or perhaps entire lights? Consider installing solar lights in your flower beds too. They look pretty and also add another layer of protection.

Entrances that are vulnerable during winter

In most parts of the country we generally keep most of our windows closed during winter. This means that opportunistic criminals don’t find it easy to get into your home via the windows.

The most vulnerable entrances during winter therefore are our front and back doors, plus the door from the garage into the house. Think about how often you leave these doors open or at least unlocked. This is an open invitation for criminals to walk inside and help themselves to your phones, wallets and so on.

Trellidor burglary stats from franchises countrywide show that this is one of the most common ways that both criminal and opportunistic criminals get into homes. These doors should therefore be the first ones you secure, followed by a gate in your passage or stairway and burglar bars on your windows.

Security barriers that keep your home safe during winter

There is a huge range of security barrier design options available for you to consider. We no longer have to settle for conventional bars on windows or metal gates on doors, although these are still popular because they’re a highly visible and cost-effective deterrent to burglars looking for an easy break-in.

Here are some security barrier designs to consider if you don’t want ‘jail-like’ burglar proofing.

Mesh security screens

Trellidor manufactures neatly framed mesh security screens that do multiple jobs for you. They are strong enough to provide a high level of protection from robbers. The woven steel mesh filters out harsh sunlight and UV rays from your home. It also blocks out mosquitoes, monkeys, baboons, snakes and other animals and insects.

One of the big attractions of mesh security screens is that the look nothing like traditional burglar bars or security gates, yet they do the same excellent job of keeping you safe at home. They can be custom-made to fit any door or window and can even be fitted around your patio or in your passage.

Louvre shutters

Aluminium louvres are not usually associated with providing good security, but since Trellidor entered into this market, ‘security louvres’ have become a hot trend.

They were always popular for their ‘beach house’ looks and the fact that they make beautiful window treatments. With in-built strengthening features designed into the louvres by Trellidor, you have an all-in-one louvre shutter and security barrier.

Rolling shutters

Aluminium rolling shutters are a great choice for vulnerable homes like small holdings, farms and free-standing houses. They create a proper lockdown once the shutters are closed and are exceedingly difficult for robbers to get through.

These shutters roll up into an overhead shutter box when you open them. There is no bottom track, so no tripping hazard. They can be automated and remote controlled, which is very convenient.

Many people choose to install these shutters in their passage or on the staircase to the bedrooms because the shutters create a safe zone for when you’re asleep at night.

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